Zone diet plan

One of the most frequent questions of customers is surely what you think about the effects and effectiveness of different diets. It seems to me that the most popular diet is a separation diet, after this is the most famous meat Atkins diet.

I note also that people in the desire for a more slim body choose one of the popular diets, about once every two years, often with superficial knowledge about the impact of diet on the body.

I would like you to present benefits of ZONE diet, which creator is Dr. Sears

Dr. Sears is a biochemist who after several years of working with diabetics and athletes found that the food can be a powerful antidote, if certain rules are respected. Sears diet is based on the control of hormones and restriction intake of macro-nutrients and calorie.

Dr. Sears points out that the man in the early history consumed food, which had the same amount of omega 6 and omega-3, in the last 50 years the content of omega 6 fatty acids increased by 17 to 20 percent.

It also points out that the grains that are in the classic food pyramid represented the highest percentage in such quantity as the most responsible for the epidemic of obesity in the world.

The main change made by Dr. Sears in nutrition, is the replacement of attachments, such as potatoes, bread, pasta and rice, fruit and vegetables.

After Sears view, is the control the level of hormone insulin, glucagon and eiko-sanoid basic key to good health and weight loss. This is achieved mainly by the fact that we enjoy meals that contain all macronutrients in the ratio 4: 3: 3 (OH, B, M).

Carbohydrate divides in components as good and a little less good. You have to eat 40 percent calories a day from a good group. Good food consists mainly from fruit, vegetables, millet, less good with potatoes, sugar, cereals, pasta and bread.

Daily consumption of protein depends on the muscle mass of the individual and his sports activities and is approximately 30 percent of total calories. Also, fat should represent 30 percent of daily calories, but it is important what kind of fat you enjoy.

As you probably already know, most fish oil is recommended as an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. Zone diet is also a low-calorie diet; women should basically have a menu with about 1,100 calories per day, men from around 1,400 kcal per day. Such a low calorie intake should help the slower aging, and as a prevention for cancer and degenerative diseases.

Recommended are five servings per day, which have to be all less than 500 calories. There is strong emphasis on drinking water. It points out that the metabolism, which most of the energy derive from fat stores may take up to 50 percent more water. So, you should drink at least two liters of water per day.

Some critics point out that the zone diet is a high protein diet

As ZONE diet is a high protein diet, is not suitable for people with kidney problems, but if you look more closely, we see that the protein intake is in recommended limits and many of us, who cannot imagine meals without meat, eat a lot more protein throughout the day as we would, if we were on a diet ZONE. There is no reason for concern.

A little more disturbing is a system for determining food you’ll eat in one meal, because you have to learn how much macro – nutrients contain some foods and to translate them into blocks.

For example, one block of protein food is the amount of meat, which contains seven grams of protein, one block carbohydrates food is the amount of fruits and vegetables, bread … which contains nine grams of carbohydrates, one block of fat, is the quantity of nuts, oils … which contains a 1,5 gram of fat.

The diet contains all macro-nutrients in sufficient amounts and proportions that regulate hormonal balance in the body. The food is varied, with many fruits and vegetables as well. It contains mostly unprocessed products such as meat, fruit and vegetables and less processed products such as bread, pasta, white sugar, etc.

Minor transgressions are permitted, but not too often that the body is not too long outside the zone – the correct ratio of hormones in the body. The drawbacks of the diet are mainly due to a complex system of assembling menus. It is also very little emphasis on the importance of dietary fiber in the diet.

An interesting fact: children with hyperactivity disorder after two months of eating ZONE diet experienced a significant improvement.

Example breakfast of ZONE diet for women:

–          1 egg, 1 / 2 bread, 1 tablespoon olive oil

–          2 egg whites, orange

–          3 blocks of protein, carbohydrate 3 blocks, 3 blocks fat