What to eat before and after exercise

Before training is advisable to eat complex carbohydrates, because they digest slowly and are a source of energy for a longer period, for example, a good choice is pasta with tuna sauce. The bigger is a part of the fiber in a food the slower is the passage of sugars in the blood, and thus lower the activity of insulin and maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Take the last meal one to two hours before your workout. The meal should contain about 50 grams of carbohydrates and 15 grams of protein.

After training you should not starve, lost fuel must be replaced in the next 30 minutes after the end of exercise. Suitable are simple carbohydrates and proteins for regeneration and tissue repair. Instead of a normal meal you can have carbon-hydrate drink, which unlike of the usual meal comes into the blood after only twenty minutes, as for example the pasta which would come into the blood only from three to four hours later.

What should you be particularly careful to?

No matter what your goals are, especially beginners, who just entered the gym or start any other form of recreation, be aware not to discharge or eliminate from the menu any of the three main food groups, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. If you want to gain muscle mass and give your body a nice shape, it is necessary to consume slightly more calories than you burn and vice versa, as long as you want to lose weight, your caloric intake should be reduced by about 10 percent.

When the diets are improperly set up it tend to lead to the emergence of a reduction in muscle mass, which is a defensive function of our body, in other words, instead of fat we burn muscles. Precisely because of this is a sufficient protein intake essential. If for example someone wants to lose weight, have to reduce the carbohydrate intake and meanwhile increase protein intake. However it is the best decision in each case five small, balanced meals daily, although some experts recommend a different combination.

From the menu, it is advisable to extract salt, white sugar, white flour and saturated fats. Yet, most ungrateful and most unhealthy is a combination of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats, as for example, pizza, pasta with fatty sauces, lasagna or white bread with chocolate spread. You can enjoy such meals only occasionally and even then in small quantities.

Do not forget about liquid

A healthy adult should in a day for the smooth functioning of the organism drink at least two liters of liquids; the best choice is plain water, the athletes have to increase the amount of it. Drinking is required regardless of whether you feel thirsty or not; half an hour before physical activities, if these are longer, drink also during the activities and immediately after your workout, before reaching for food.

In a one-hour workout is enough plain water; otherwise, experts recommend isotonic drinks to replace lost minerals and vitamins.

Food supplements

Almost anyone who is not familiar with the diet for athletes and nutritional supplements has certain prejudices and doubts about their positive impact on both the health as well as in the success in achieving objectives. It is important to realize that these are not any magic potions, but only the concentrated proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins or minerals. Among the dietary supplements are included heavily concentrated vitamins or minerals for example, capsules. Nutrition for athletes are protein or carbon-hydrate drinks, gels, powders, anything that helps to regenerate the body and replace sources which we do not eat enough with classical meals.

It is important not to overdo with such supplements, because notwithstanding the fact that the products are healthy, we can run the risk of accumulation of excess fats that the body cannot burn. If you don’t know the products it is better to contact an expert, who will, based on your goals and needs suggest you how to use dietary supplements.

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