What to eat after exercise, work and in the evening

Body-friendly, healthy food and carefully prepared meals can be afforded by everyone, if only the time and strong will allow us to do. Everyone of us has found himself in a situation where he ran out of time for a good meal and therefore afforded a night robbery of refrigerator. If the schedule again teases, opt for healthier version of meals, which are aimed at different hours in each working day. Read more.

Before exercise

Irrespective of whether you decide to have an exercise, early in the morning or in the evening, it is not advisable to skip a meal before exercise. The body and muscles need fuel, which is hidden in carbohydrates. The simplest food you can eat is whole grain muffin, a cup of whole grain cereal with berries and milk, whole wheat roll with cottage cheese spreads or American pancake from spelled flour. A small amount of food will prevent that you feel full, which could frustrate the movement.

After Training

In order to calm the body and disabling pain in muscles we need food also after a workout. This time the meal may be replaced by a glass of cold milk or cocoa, and you can also reach out after three crackers with peanut butter or a cup of fresh vegetables, which should include also cabbage.

Quick lunch

If you are chased by time and you must consume your lunch in the office or between errands, you can enjoy a whole meal sandwich with tuna, fresh cheese and vegetables. An excellent choice is the cabbage salad, which can nibble on whole-wheat crackers (of course without unnecessary salt) or whole wheat muffin with a slice of low fat cheese, on which you can eat few olives. Lunches should not be replaced by pre-prepared products which are warmed up in the microwave and which contain a lot of unnecessary fat and salt.

Afternoon snack

Forget about a cup of coffee and prefer to enjoy a glass of natural orange juice, with which you enter into your body sugar to boost energy and a lot of vitamin C. A good solution for a quick snack is a plate with dried fruit, nuts and honey or a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut spreads.

Before dinner

When in the evenings you finally return back home and start cooking dinner, you are surely already starving, so you often reach for unhealthy snacks such as bread, sauces and desserts, because they do not require special preparation. Not to spoil the dinner, choose snacks of carrots or fruit, such as melon, watermelon, apricots, peaches etc.

Night snack

Feeding before or during sleep can affect both the sleep and being, therefore, in the case of night-time snacks enjoy only easily digestible food.
The best solution will be a coffee cup of wheat or whole grain cereal and a glass of warm milk, toast with fresh cheese, Greek yogurt and berries, or simply a cup of warm milk and spoon of honey.

After cocktails

Alcohol makes us hungry, so after a pleasant evening of cocktails, we usually go for the slice of pizza, or visit a fast-food restaurant. Mistake! Try to resist your appetite till home. First, take two glasses of water, then take some fruit and green vegetables, which will clean out the entire organism. Stomach will be calm down also by a cup of Greek yogurt. However, extinguish your thirst with a green or chamomile tea.

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