Ways to curb appetite

Ways to curb appetite. If you want to lose few extra pounds, but you do not succeed, because you are constantly hungry as a wolf, you can try any of the following tricks to reduce appetite. Maybe this will help you and you will easier achieve the desired goal.

5 ways to curb appetite

  1. Eat an apple before the meal

It’s not a secret that food containing much water and dietary fiber are very welcome in weight loss, since they give a feeling of satiety. To curb appetite are particularly successful apple. During digestion of apples, begins to emerge in the cells of small intestine hormone GLP-1 and that sends to our brain signals that we are satiety. An American study showed that those who ate 15 minutes before the large meal an apple, then actually ate as 15 percent less than usual.

  1. Drink water before the meal

The second and equally effective option to curb appetite is to drink a glass of water before a meal. Its effectiveness is confirmed by research, which included 48 adult volunteers, divided into two groups. The first group members drank two glasses of water before each meal, while those from other group did not drink anything before the meal. After twelve weeks, the difference was obvious – the members of the first group lost an average of two kilograms more than members of second group.

  1. Season dishes with red chili pepper

Successful in reducing appetite, it is also red peppers, research shows. Those who have seasoned dish with this red chili spice ate slightly less, than when on the food were not added peppers. Experts say that the regulation of appetite is mainly influenced by one of the ingredients in this seasoning, namely capsaicin, which gives it a distinctive spicy flavor. In addition, of inhibiting appetite and helps in weight loss, apparently also improves mood.

  1. In the morning, drink a drink made from seaweed

Experts say that the marine algae get slightly thick in the stomach and liquid from algae is converted into a kind of gel-like substance that strongly saturated. A Dutch study showed that fibers derived from seaweed, reduce as much as 30 percent of hunger, so experts advise to drink a cup of seaweed as fasting in the morning or drink it slowly between meals. In both cases, you will get quickly satiety than usual and you will consequently eat less.

  1. Afford eggs for breakfast

Eggs are a rich source of protein, belonging to the group of foods which provide good satiety and a sense of satiety for a long time. Recent research showed that those who ate an omelet of two eggs for breakfast, in the following hours consumed significantly fewer calories than those who eat something else for breakfast. You can also try with eggs for breakfast, but do not overdo with them, and do not eat them every day, but despite losing weight, make sure that your diet is healthy and balanced.