The 3 day diet plan

The 3 day diet is meant as a post. It has the effect, which is short, if you do not change eating habits.The three day diet is a short diet with a short effect and it could also be called a purifying diet. The three day diet was first introduced as the Diet in 1985 and since then it’s spreading via the Internet.
The diet promises rapid weight loss, reduce cholesterol and give more energy. In three days it is possible to lose three pounds, but this is primarily a loss of fluids and not fat. And what is the best thing about the 3 day diet plan? There’s no mention of exercise.The three day planIn the short diet is required accuracy without vices. It is necessary to follow to instructions, since otherwise you will not achieve the promised weight loss.

First day:

: Black coffee or green tea – unsweetened or with sweetener, half a grapefruit or natural juice and biscuits with butter

Lunch: tuna, a slice of toast, black coffee or green tea – unsweetened or with sweetener

Dinner: lean meat or chicken, green beans cup, cup of carrots, apple and a ball of ice cream

Second day

Breakfast: Black coffee or green tea – unsweetened or with sweetener, boiled egg, ½ banana, biscuit

Lunch: cup of cottage cheese or tuna, eight crackers

Dinner: beef steak, ½ cup carrots, ½ bananas, half of an ice cream ball

Third day

Breakfast: Black coffee or green tea – unsweetened or with sweetener, five crackers, a slice of cheese and an apple

Lunch: Black coffee or green tea – unsweetened or with sweetener, boiled eggs, biscuits

Dinner: a cup of tuna, cup of carrots, cauliflower cup, a cup of cantaloupe and a half ball of ice cream

During the 3 day diet it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages and juices. Drink only water or unsweetened tea.

How does the 3 day diet plan works?

The selected foods burns quickly and at the same time the being will be visible improved and you will be more energized. Diet may be repeated every time. Stop it with four or five day “normal” diet. Going back on the old eating tracks is necessary due to metabolism, which can become lazy and the effect can be opposite.

Expert Opinion

Experts are united that is not a diet that has a beneficial effect on metabolism, because of its composition, but this is typically low-calorie diet. Daily you will eat less then thousand calories and experts warn that the possibility of getting lost weight can be even faster.

The three day diet, take it as a post, clean out and then continue with a healthy diet, this is the opinion of experts, as the switch to the old ways of dieting habits will bring back all the lost weight. Beware of the yo-yo effect, change the diet after a short diet, introduce sport activities in your life, only this is the right way to lean stature, without empty promises.