Strength training program


Strong bones are important at all ages, even more in middle age, because bone density starts to decline after 30 years up.

The good news is that exercise can slow down this process. 15-minute workout will strengthen your muscles, maintain bone density and speed up metabolism. Exercise by 2 to 3 times a week, use 3-pound weights and however increase the weight by time.

During the exercises, rest for 1 minute


For the breast, the lower back and buttocks

Sit on the big ball and in each hand, take a weight. Step forward with legs till you get into the position where you lie on the ball and the knee will be at right angles.

Open hands apart and see that even elbows are in right corner position. Push hands up nearly to straight position.

Repeat this 15 times.

Step along the wall

For the thigh, buttocks and abdominal muscles

Put the ball on the wall and lean against it in the area of the lower spine. Legs should be contracted to a right angle. Lift one leg and stretch it, and shrink the second leg that is on the floor. Repeat 8 times.

For shoulders

For the shoulders, back and buttocks

Lie on the ball so that it will be under the belly and hips. The feet should be on the ground in the width of the hips and hands stretched out to shoulder width. Lift one leg and stretch it, hold for a few seconds and release it. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

For the abdominal muscles

Lie on the floor and stretch your arms toward the ceiling, place your feet on the floor, put the knee to be at a right angle. Move your left hand to right leg, lift this one to touch the hand. Repeat this for the other hand. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

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