Positive effects of interval training

As mentioned, the interval training is ideal for improving the results for example in a marathon or short runs. With regular exercise of interval training we increase endurance and speed of movement with the greatest endeavors, without destroying the technique of running.

With regular exercise of interval training you will prevent your
body to get used to the workouts, for example running, and ‘persecuted’ in order to do best of its maximum and also burn more fat.

Subcutaneous fat tissue during interval training burns three times faster than two times longer running with constant pace. So even if your intention is not to improve the results on the cross-country competitions, you can also include in your exercise program interval workouts. It is already enough twice a week for 20-25 minutes. Do not worries, this will not harm your muscle mass, but it will make more ‘help’.

If for example you are running 40 minutes on a treadmill at a constant intensity and speed, your body will at some point reach a so-called ‘steady state’, which means that it is adjusted to a certain amount of effort, and therefore starts to save energy.

During the interval training, due to the constant alternation of the intensity and speed, the consumption of energy increase, making it even 24 hours after training, basal metabolic rate which is necessary for the maintenance of vital functions in the rest, by 5 to 10 percent higher than after ‘normal’ aerobic workout.

Every professional athlete always tends to indicate that in the minimum time achieves as much as possible, that why they also use interval training. Even with only 15-minute of such workout for three times a week, you can achieve greater progress, as if you run three times per week at a constant pace for one hour. So interval training can also help you to save some time.

Since most team sports consists of continuous running and other forms of aerobic activity, where there is an exchange of long and short distances, and greater and less intensity, you will improve the quality, which is important in any sport if you will implement interval training in your practice.

The advantage of interval training is not reflected only in improving physical fitness, so speed and endurance, but it also has many positive effects on overall health; improving the health of the cardiovascular system.

And ultimately, given all the positive effects of interval training, you will feel also more confident in various competitions, which will further help you to improve the result.

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