13 Aug 2015

Linseed health benefits

Do you want to consume more antioxidants? Not only fruit and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. Linseed is in ninth place of 100 most antioxidant foods, even before the blueberries, olives and their oil. Unbelievable antioxidant Linseed
11 Aug 2015

Plums – The miracle of nature

Plums are a natural multivitamin, which has an extremely positive effect on our organism. Because of many nutrients we should eat at least five of them, when there is a season for them. One plum contains 84
11 Aug 2015

Benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of those foods that we can call it superfood. The unique combination of fatty acids which coconut oil contains, has positive impact on our health, including melting of fat, better brain function etc.
7 Aug 2015

What we should eat in hot days

The food that we eat in hot days should be light, refreshing and rich in water. In this way we don’t stress our body with digestion of food, and we provide it with the necessary nutrients and
6 Aug 2015

Acai berries benefits

Acai berries are superfoods that will help you stay energetic and lively throughout the day. Adding acai in your diet helps in speeding up the morning awakening and speed up metabolism. The high amount of antioxidants and
5 Aug 2015

Siberian ginseng

Stress seems increasingly present and necessary part of everyday life and can have long-term consequences, reflected in difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, inflammation etc. Siberian ginseng or “elevtrokok” is an important herb for the prevention and elimination of