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  • Breakfast benefits revealed
  • Why is regularly drinking water important for weight loss?
  • How to prevent apple browning
  • Aphrodisiacs food

3 day grapefruit diet plan

Grapes, white or red, fresh or dried (raisins), has on our body a beneficial effect, experts claim that it has even therapeutic effect. Most useful substances in grapes lies precisely in the part of the fruit, which is usually discarded in the shell and sand. Both seeds and peel are rich in antioxidants, seeds also contain calcium for stable bones and teeth and magnesium for strong muscles. Both minerals help…


The Apple diet

Now it’s the right time to make a cleansing diet, before starting to accumulate energy for winter days. And now it is almost a perfect time for apple diet. Why do not enter the cold months in the best shape and with beautiful curves. To combat pounds, apples are surely our best ally. Now are fresh, crisp and juicy for a good dessert. Apples are turbo fat burners Apples are…


The 3 day diet plan

The 3 day diet is meant as a post. It has the effect, which is short, if you do not change eating habits.The three day diet is a short diet with a short effect and it could also be called a purifying diet. The three day diet was first introduced as the Diet in 1985 and since then it’s spreading via the Internet. The diet promises rapid weight loss, reduce cholesterol and…