Olive, the true miracle of nature


Instead of chocolate or chips, when you feel you want a snack, reach for olives. These are extremely healthy cocktail of substances, operating antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and therefore protect the heart and prevent cancer.

Many fat – but healthy

Olives are really greasy food, because 80 percent of thedownload calories they contain come from their fat. But let this not discourage you from their consumption. They contain a very healthy monounsaturated fat, which protect the heart and blood vessels. Even if we don’t change the amounts of fat in our diet, we enjoy, but more harmful forms only replace with monounsaturated, body reacts by lowering elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. The Mediterranean diet is so beneficial because is so rich with them.

Extremely antioxidant activity

Although olives contain too many calories, at the same time we consume so much valuable substances that energy value can be completely overlooked. They are one of the more antioxidant foods. Olives are rich in so many nutrients that protect the cells and thus prevent the emergence of any kind of disease that they could go on forever. Since vitamin E, selenium and zinc to heap such as oleuropein, this is not widely known, but extremely useful. Oleuropein have been so far found only in olives.

Protection against cancer

Excellent composition of olives should also guard against cancer. There is evidence that this serious disease, is caused by oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Chronic oxidative stress means that the body’s cells are constantly attacked by free radicals – Their harmful activity is effectively inhibited by antioxidants. For the body is extremely dangerous, if there are too many inflammatory processes. It consumes him and prevents him to work optimally. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is, to help in the fight with it with food that contains plenty of anti-inflammatory substances, which are contained in the olive.

The end of the fear from the osteoporosis

Anti-inflammatory activity is beneficial also for bones. It is particularly effective one ingredient, which olives contain – Hydroxytyrosol. This also protects against the formation of cancer, at the same time accelerate the loading of calcium in the bone and prevent the bone mass to be too decreased.

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