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Hello, dear readers of my blog. Today I will give you a special course of sports nutrition for building muscle mass.

From this article you will learn: how and what muscles are built of, what products must be included in your diet to gain weight, why a separate diet is so useful, is it worth consuming steroids, and I will give physical exercises to build mass for fans of practice at once.

If you have finally decided to pump up your core, you need to know how it works and what you need to do for it. It's not enough to just mindlessly bulk up here. You should learn a little bit of introductory information that you will work with later on. I also like practice more than theory, but only when there is a precise plan of action.


The first thing you need to know is what we are going to build your core from.

The human body is a very complex thing and in order to make any changes in it, you need to know the means of action. Muscle consists of 80 % of water and the other 20 % includes a set of different elements. But in general, the body needs protein in order to increase muscle.

Protein is the most important resource for building muscle. If you don't have building materials, you can work out all day long, muscles won't grow. Because there is nothing to build them from. You can pump up your relief by grueling exercises. But to gain weight you need to support all this with a proper diet.

Before we move on to nutrition, let's understand how muscle growth works. Every muscle you have is a set of microfibers. Each fiber is an individual cell in the body that, when combined with the others, makes up your muscle. As crazy as it sounds, in order to increase the volume of your biceps you need to tear it. I mean, not the whole muscle, but some of the fibers we talked about above.

The fact is that fibers have the ability to regenerate. In other words, if you tear one such small cell, then after a while it will regenerate and there will be two of them. That's actually how muscle growth works. But you have to tear not just one cell, but more cells. So, the more you tear, the more muscles will regenerate.

How does it happen in practice?

For the fibers to start tearing, you have to exhaust them. I advise you to do it in many sets. When you start to feel weakness in your arms, take a short pause. And then take a heavier weight and do the last set to the limit. That will have a good effect.

It will take a whole day of rest to restore your cells. So, try to schedule your training activities in a day. Or activate a different muscle every day.

There is a slightly different system for lean body mass. You have to train every day. You have to squeeze all the water, fat and other defects out of your muscles leaving only the steel relief muscle. Such results require more difficult efforts, but it is worth it. Your body will become not only beautiful but also really strong and resistant to external injuries.


Okay, now let's discuss nutrition. I already told you that our main element will be protein. Where is it contained? The main source of protein is meat.

But in addition to meat, there are many other products like fish, mushrooms, dairy products, some cereals, beans, all of these products also contain protein.

By the way, if you combine them correctly, you can get a doubled dose of protein.

For example, the mushrooms can be fried and added to the buckwheat or soup. Beans can be added to borscht. You can make soup out of fish, and there is a very large separate assortment of dishes that can be cooked out of fish. Look on the Internet for recipes that contain all protein products. I'm sure you will not only start to eat tastier, but also for the benefit of the body.

Healthy and tasty food is great, but I'm sure some readers are waiting for me to tell you about the forbidden method, which includes steroids. I can say about steroids that they are quite dangerous. It all depends on the quality here.

Yes, there are really good manufacturers, but there are also budget versions, which can harm your body. And in general, it's not a natural process. Your body absorbs a huge amount of protein and amino acids. But is your body ready for such doses?

You should consult your doctor, prescribe the dosage and follow the doctor's instructions precisely. As for me, God created us without the use of steroids. He gave us physical strength and strength of mind so that we could achieve everything on our own in a natural way.

To build muscle mass, you need to minimize fats in your diet. Fats are also a necessary element of the human body, but they must be balanced. It is contained in oils, lard, and sausages. In addition, you should eat less fried and semi-finished products.

I forgot to mention the most important thing. Alcohol consumption will kill your dream of a muscle core. If your diet contains alcohol, then all of the above was for nothing. Therefore, give up this drug once for all. 

Ripping for men with the use of pharmacology

So, I decided to write a general educational article on the topic - how to lose weight with the use of pharmacology, to get rid of fat, and not to lose meat, and to interfere minimally in the endocrine system of our body.

This information is aimed at people who have not tried anything at all yet and at those who have carried out only the most elementary courses to build mass and managed at the same time to acquire a couple of extra kilos of subcutaneous ballast.

I will not hide the fact that it is possible to gain mass (at the level of a mere amateur) based on your hormonal background. It is clear that with such an approach you cannot grow up to Mr. Olympia's size, but many people don't need it.

But to get as dry as possible so as to look like an athlete, and not like a prisoner of Auschwitz without anabolics is unrealistic for 90% of the average population.

But once again, a large number of typical iron pumpers do not want to pour in and take in everything that is advised on various bodybuilding forums. Before we start, I think it is necessary to clarify the fact that burning fat and body shaping is, first and foremost, a diet and a combination of strength training and aerobic exercise.

No pills and injections will NEVER make you slender handsome men without proper nutrition and hard work in the gym.

So, our men's ripping for amateurs will be built of four components.

First component: WEIGHT LOSS steroids

First and foremost, we need an anti-catabolic base for the course. In other words, a substance that will protect most of the priceless meat from the ruthless cortisol. We have only three helpers that will do minimal damage. Testosterone propionate, turinabol, and oxandrolone.

All three are great for covering muscle breakdown during a low-calorie diet. For me, testosterone is the best choice. It will support the psyche and libido in addition to its main purpose. It is no secret that a real drying off period noticeably suppresses the sex drive in most athletes.

But there are some people who are hypersensitive to estradiol and testosterone is not suitable for such people. Of course, there is a way to protect yourself from aromatization - aromatase inhibitors. But this is clearly not an option for cautious athletes.

So, there remain oxandrolone (more expensive) and turinabol - a more budget option, but inferior to the first two in anti-catabolic properties.

The dosage range is as follows:

  • Testosterone propionate. 50-100 mg every other day at the same time.
  • Oxandrolone. Twice a day, 20 mg, morning and evening.
  • Turinabol. Twice a day, 20 mg, morning and evening.

The second component: more steroids.

Secondly, we need a supplement to the base of the course, which will be responsible for the quality of the body getting rid of fat. This is what is known as "cosmetics". Here again, the choice is not wide. Stanozolol and drostanolone propionate. Both the first and the second can cause a certain trouble, it must be said. But they are beyond competition.

Drostanolone is MUCH safer, and it also copes very well. As a bonus, it will increase stamina and speed up recovery. Accept that when you're half starved, it's the right thing to do. That's exactly what I recommend.

Unfortunately, you can't make yourself completely safe in this section. Of course, you can do without cosmetics, but on the way out of drying your muscles will be much worse. Choose what is more important for you.

Now let us go over dosages:

  • Drostanolone. 100mg every other day. At the same time.

  • Stanozolol. 50mg per day, regardless of the form of intake. If you take the pills, then two times in the morning and evening, injections - at the same time.

The third component: the fat burner

The third aspect is a relatively gentle fat burner on the type of combination ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin). It will help boost your metabolism and keep it at the desired level around the clock. And it will also eliminate excess water from the body.

In any sports nutrition store the sellers will help you make the right choice. As for me, a great choice - Methyldrene. But this is not dogma - there are more than enough of them. Doses are specified by the manufacturer. You can't exceed them. And don’t take clenbuterol or sibutramine! These agents are far beyond the concept of safety.

The fourth component: sports nutrition

What else? BCAA amino acids (preferably at least 40-50 grams per day), whey protein (no more than two intakes of 30-40 grams), and an EXPENSIVE VITAMIN COMPLEX.

An injection of one or two ampoules of Actovegin would be very helpful. This is a hemoderivative from beef blood - it will help to significantly speed up recovery, especially after aerobic activity. This should be injected immediately after the workout. Intramuscularly.

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