Metabolism miracle diet – step 3

By on December 16, 2011

Metabolism miracle diet – Third step

A wider selection of food and bigger food intake

Beans, corn or rice contains 8 times more calories than peas, green beans or mushrooms.

One rye cracker has 6.6 grams of carbohydrates and 1.8 grams of fiber.

After you acquired the first two steps of the Miracle diet you should follow the third step of Metabolism diet. When you reach the desired weight, you can enjoy both parts of Metabolism Miracle diet – healthy fats, proteins and vegetables, but in the right order to keep a slim figure and health metabolism.

Bad carbohydrates for Miracle Diet


  • 235 ml skimmed or semi skimmed milk
  • small cup of plain yogurt or fruit, no sugar


  • chocolate cake – 2 units
  • biscuits with chocolate biscuit – 1 unit
  • donut – 2 units
  • 1 / 8 large pizzas – 3 units
  • Cakes – 4 units


  • 1 hot dog rolls
  • half a hamburger bombs
  • mini cakes
  • pancakes


  • 75 g of cooked rice
  • 75 g of normal pasta
  • 125 g of pasta salad
  • 125 g of macaroni and cheese
  • 3 handfuls of popcorn

Forever Slim

At this stage it is allowed to eat more carbohydrates than in the first two and even in larger quantities. Once you get in order your metabolism, you can also enjoy other dishes. Important is how you eat and at what time.

It is still recommended that you eat mainly good and high-fibrous carbohydrates (bread made from whole-grain flour, wholegrain rice and pasta), which do not affect blood sugar levels. Of course, you can occasionally reward yourself with chocolate cake or mashed potatoes, but in moderation.

Once you reach your goal, calculate how many carbohydrates you need to keep your weight and blood sugar levels.

For this purpose we have prepared a table from which you can calculate the necessary quantities for both women and men. Active individuals should have more meals with complex carbohydrates, as is recommended in relation to their height. If you are five times per week physically active for 30 minutes, select the smallest unit of carbohydrate in relation to your height. If you are very active and exercise four to five times per week for one hour, select the largest unit of carbohydrates. Each unit contains 15 g carbohydrate.

For example, if 1.62 m high and exercise four times a week, is recommended carbohydrate unit 9-10. To maintain the desired weight you will find on the list carbohydrate foods and the recommended number of carbohydrates. In one meal, do not eat more than four units, the minimum unit in a meal or an intermediate portion is -1. If you follow the rules, you can still maintain a lean physique!

Metabolism miracle diet daily carbohydrate intake

For Women (height)

  • 1.60 m – from 7 to 10 units
  • 1.62 to 1.70 m – 8 to 11 units
  • 1.72 to 1.80 m – 8 to 12 units
  • 1.82 m – from 9 to 13 units

For Men (height)

  • 1.60 m – from 7 to 11 units
  • 1.62 to 1.70 m – 8 to 12 units
  • 1.72 to 1.80 m – from 9 to 13 units
  • More than 1.80 m – 10 to 14 units

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