Mediterranean diet plan

Do you like pasta? Would you like to eat it for lunch and for dinner? Do you know what pasta have to do with happiness? Do you find it too good to be true? Would you like to be able to eat pasta for dinner and still lose body weight? If you reduce portion sizes and use the right spices, then success is guaranteed. Here we have provided an easy weekly menu.

When women decide to obtain a slim figure and want to get in good shape, are ready for anything. They would also be prepared to renounce to favorite food, like pasta, even if that means that it will appear as ill-feeling, and the attacks of hunger … a question arises, if even worth trying?

Of course you can, as your favorite spaghetti can help to lose pounds, especially if you opt for our diet with pasta. And you can forget about thinking that you can only lose body weight, if you withdraw pasta from the menu.

To lose weight you must eat less than usual. And when you manage to lose weight once to the desired weight, you still need to eat less. Weight loss is not only the result of fat loss, but also water. Do not forget to physical activity. It is enough a half an hour of faster walk daily.

Mediterranean diet meal plan

Weight problems are associated with a whole series of factors such as excessive fluid retention in the body, too much sugar in the blood, allergies, thyroid problems … Also frequent diets can lead to completely opposite results of the desired effect.

To accumulate pounds also help stress and emotional problems. So, if we want to be lean, we need to consider a whole series of factors, in particular, we cannot just starve, be hungry and angry. Pasta, bread, rice and cereals are the foundation of a balanced and healthy Mediterranean diet.

Natural Antidepressant

We have prepared a diet menu, where pasta is for lunch and dinner. To not exceed 1300 calories in a day, we removed the bread from the menu. The so-selected diet will make you feel relaxed and satisfied as pasta promote hormone of happiness serotonin, which is a natural antidepressant. To lose excess weight this has a great importance.

Mediterranean diet meal day plan

Mediterranean diet – Breakfast

  • 125 ml of plain or fruit yogurt (45 calories)
  • a cup of green tea with a teaspoon of sugar (20 calories)

Mediterranean diet – Morning snack

  • 150 ml of fresh grapefruit juice (39 calories)

Mediterranean diet – Afternoon snack

  • 100 g kiwi (44 kcal)


  • Lunch
    • Tagliatelle with artichokes (295 kcal)
    • 150 g beef steak grilled with spices (190 kcal)
    •  200 g fennel salad, seasoned with balsamic vinegar (18 calories)
  • Dinner
    • minestrone: 130 g pasta, 200 g mixed vegetables (208 kcal)
    • 170 g fish – sheet by milling (140 kcal)
    • 150 g salad (28 calories)


  • Lunch
    • spaghetti with tomatoes: 70 g spaghetti, 100 g tomatoes, 50 g onion (262 calories)
    • 70 g of beef steak and rocket 30 g (110 kcal)
    • 200 g cabbage salad with balsamic vinegar (38 calories)
  • Dinner
    • Fusili with asparagus (340 kcal)
    • 100 g of turkey meat (107 calories)
    • 20 g of lettuce


  • Lunch
    • Tagliatelle with mushrooms (355 kcal)
    • 150 g beef hamburger (155 kcal)
    • 150 g of lettuce with lemon juice
  • Dinner
    • Minestrone with 200 g of vegetables and 30 g of pasta (208 calories)
    • 180 g hake fillet, seasoned with aromatic herbs (122 calories)
    • 35 g of lettuce and red chicory


  • Lunch
    • Fusilli with fresh tuna (400 kcal)
    • mixed salad, seasoned with balsamic vinegar(28 kcal)
  • Dinner
    • Minestrone with fresh vegetables and 30 g of pasta (208 calories)
    • 100 g chicken breast with aromatic herbs
    • fennel salad with balsamic vinegar (8 kcal)


  • Lunch
    • Campanella-shell (395 kcal)
    • 200 g chicory and Green (37 kcal)
  • Dinner
    • Minestrone with 200 g mixed vegetables and 30 g of pasta (208 calories)
    • 180 g of grilled fish, seasoned with lemon juice (207 kcal)
    • 200 g Belgian salad with lemon juice and balsamic vinegar (35 calories)


  • Lunch
    • Farfalla with sauce – 70 g of pasta, 50 g of minced meat, 100 g of tomato and onion 50 g (304 kcal)
    • 100 g of mixed greens (18 calories)
  • Dinner
    • Fetuccine (thin noodles) with green beans (420 calories)
    • 100 g of grilled chicken breast (100 calories)
    • 200 g fennel salad with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and lemon juice (8 kcal)


On Sunday, do not eat anything your heart desires, but merely repeat the menu, which you most liked in a week.