Mayo diet plan

Mayo Clinic history dates back to the beginnings of the last century. It was founded by Dr. William W. Mayo and soon outgrew its boundaries. Today, Mayo is not only Hospital, Development and Research Centre, but also a synonym for an integrated health system.

Dietary guidelines, which are maintained, are the fruit of more than a century old experience in the medical work with people.

The first change you notice in the mayo diet is changed food pyramid. In a classic food pyramid you are largely represented starchy foods such as cereals, in second plan are fruit and vegetables, in third protein foods and at the top, in the smallest volume, fatty foods.

With Mayo is believed that we should eat more fruits and vegetables, and a little less starchy foods, less meat and dairy foods, a little less fat and very little candy.

How is their diet? They determine your required caloric intake. For women, is generally considered the need of losing weight of 1,200 calories and for men 1,400 calories. It is recommended to log the diet and variety in food choices, because only in this way you can ensure a sufficient amount of micro and macro nutrients.

They are aware of the importance of a holistic approach to weight loss and also encourage individuals to move and have more responsible lifestyle. They point to the strict respect of the rules that should be such that you can hold all life.

They believe that small targets in long-term can lead to major results. They believe that for the obesity epidemic is most guilty a way of life. In one of his books indicate the ten-year study that describes the typical American and the typical Chinese diet.

Although Chinese people eat more food with calories, are more slender than the Americans. Let’s look at why.

The typical American diet

–          Calories 2000

–          Fat 35%

–          Protein 18%

–          Carbohydrates 48%

–          Fiber 14

Typical Chinese diet

–          Calories 2600

–          Fat 22%

–          Protein 9%

–          Carbohydrates 65%

–          Fiber 33

At first glance we can see that the American diet, makes too much fat, too much protein and fiber.

As we see, in the entry of carbohydrates there are no essential deviations. It was also noticed in the Mayo Clinic, therefore their menus are made a little differently than current.

They also, do not overeat with intake of protein, but tend to make a balanced meal. Let’s see how it looks and average weight loss menu with 1,200 calories for women.

Mayo diet menu for women

–          Breakfast: Half a cup of fresh fruit, 5 almonds, a cup of plain low fat yoghurt.

–          Lunch: Salad with chicken and small serving of risotto, a little apple, mineral water with lemon.

–          Dinner: grilled mushrooms with tofu, small serving of risotto, peach and green tea.

–          For meal you can eat a cup of yogurt, half handfuls of almonds or fruit