Linseed health benefits

Do you want to consume more antioxidants? Not only fruit and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. Linseed is in ninth place of 100 most antioxidant foods, even before the blueberries, olives and their oil.

Unbelievable antioxidant

Linseed is the best source of lignans, a nutrient which is an antioxidant and fiber at same time. Sesame which is in the second place, it contains seven times less. Sunflower seeds 338 times less. And so we could continue. Antioxidants reduce the oxidative stress in the body. By maintaining beautiful skin, especially a healthy heart and blood vessels and prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Healthy fats

It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which we urgently need to regularly consume with diet. Because they act anti-inflammatory, while with linseed antioxidant effects, can better protect us against the occurrence of any disease. These are caused by the existence of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Studies have shown that linseed lowers cholesterol and excessive pressure and regulates blood sugar.

Patients with metabolic syndrome, were observed after one month of use of 30 grams of ground linseed per day as much as 20 per cent improvement. Their blood was better, had less fat in the abdomen. For this reason, we should eat linseed, even if we want to lose some weight.

Solution to digest

As is in gastrointestinal converted into a kind of gel, to improve digestion performance. It not just helps with constipation – example; it avoids that stomach contents move into the intestines before the body can end exploit all its beneficial nutrients.

Prefered minced

Our body easier exploit seeds, which are minced. If you store it in a sealed container, it can also be stored for several months. The easiest way is by adding to cereals for breakfast, if you don’t like cereals, studies have shown that the beneficial effect is not lost even if it is mixed in baked goods – muffins, bread, biscuit etc.

Nutritionists recommend that we try to consume about 42 grams (three tablespoons) of various seeds and nuts every day.

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