It is time for the autumn detoxification

Start the morning

Colder months are coming, and we should prepare our body. That why it’s time to opt for the autumn body detoxification and make sure that autumn will not caught you unprepared.

…with a glass of lukewarm water, into which you squeeze half a lemon and drink on an empty stomach. This will help the metabolism to wake up and easier to digest heavier food which is on the menu in autumn and winter.

Hot meals

Summer is time when we eat more raw foods (vegetables, fruits), which gives our body the necessary energy, autumn is time to switch to cooked, hot food, which will give us all the necessary. Enjoy healthy stews, soups, cooked vegetables or vegetables prepared on steam, lean protein and eggs that will meet the needs of the body.

Light dinner

Help your body to get used to the slower digestion of food, so do not eat just before going to bed, but a few hours before, enjoy a light meal that the body will metabolize in peace.

Avoid stimulants and additives in food

By autumn, the body calms and restores, and you can also help to enter as little food as possible that invigorates. Reduce the number of coffees per day, switch from white coffee to espresso or replace it with herbal tea, reduce the alcohol consumption to a minimum, for example, a glass of red wine, and avoid cocktails. You should also reduce the sugar intake and or even better replace it with fruits or honey.

Smoothies’ rules

Juices that help your metabolism and well-being should remain on your menu. Smoothie of beetroot, carrot, celery, ginger and a little lemon do wonders for the liver. You can relieve your liver also with juice of celery, cucumber, spinach, green apple and mint.

Quick tricks

For autumn healthy diet, there are also a few quick tricks: Replace white potatoes with red one, white rice to whole wheat, tofu with beans, milk chocolate with dark chocolate etc. So you will not have the feeling that you are deprived and you’ll eat more healthily.


There is no need to say, how much the movement is important that you can stay in shape also in fall and winter, so with no excuses find one that will attract you. It is very useful to visit once a week sauna and have a good sweat to get toxins out of the body.

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