How to stay slim

Easy tips how to stay slim

Think that you are slimmer than you really are and soon you will be really slim as you want.

Actually is not so hard at all, just watching any of your friends, which is slim, since ever. For example, when she the full basket of fresh, warm bread and say to take just a piece of bread, she really takes just a piece of bread. How she can do it? She got used that she is just not hungry.

Skinny people have a very relaxed attitude to the food. Those who are overweight are fully loaded with food and it’s no wonder that the thought of what might be eaten is all the times in their minds.

How do slim women eat?

1. They have a rate

On a scale of satiety from 1 to 10, they always stop at 6 or 7. Others eat until satiation level 8 or 10. Why? Because satiety is replaced by a sense of ‘overeat’ or just because they think that they have to eat everything on their plate, even they are full already.

Imitate them: For the next meal, take your time and focus on your level of satiety. When you will be pleasantly satiate, but not overeaten put away the accessories. Slowly, you will learn that you do not have to eat all and what is left can wait for the evening or the next day.

2. They know that hunger is not an emergency

Most people that encounter with redundant kilograms, has a sense that hunger needs immediate action. Well, a lot of slim people quietly tolerate hunger, because they know that this feeling comes and goes.

Imitate them: Take advantage of a little crowded day and miss with lunch, for at least an hour or two. Or skip the afternoon snack. Soon, you will find that you’re doing great also without snacks.

3. They do not  pursue sadness with food

Experts say that slim are not immune to food for comfort, but quickly noticed when they are doing ‘nonsense’ and are able to control and stop.

Imitate them: Do not fight loneliness, anger or fatigue with overeating. Well, if you’re really hungry, eat something healthy, maybe a handful of nuts or fruit. If you are tired, for heaven’s sake, go to sleep rather than look what’s in the fridge.

4. Eat more fruit

Thin women eat at least one fruit more than overweight women and eat a more of low-fat foods.

Imitate them: Add fruits on your menu, – not fruit juices, but fruit. On the day eat at least two to three fruits; you can also add them to yogurt, whole grain sandwich or salad.

5. They are creatures of habit

Any nutritionist will tell you that the diversity in the diet is good, but should not be exaggerated. Studies have shown that too varied lead us to test food, which quickly leads to over-eat. Slim people have a well defined rhythm of eating and pretty predictable menu.

Imitate them: Eat – as far as possible – regular and balanced. For example, breakfast cereals, salad for lunch, an apple for lunch and meat for dinner

6. They like to move

Slim women move much more than overweight women, and here we are not talking only about the sport. Slim women like to walk, move around the house, don’t have a problem to go to the shop, they just like to move.

Imitate them: Get it into move, after a while you realize that it is not so difficult. Studies show that most people sit from 16 to 20 hours a day, but they are not even aware of. Make at least ten thousand steps (go to work on foot), maybe you buy steps meter. Exercise at least three times a week.

7. They have a good sleep

Lean women sleep 2 hours per week more, then fat woman. Experts believe that lack of sleep, promotes appetite, as fatigue is mistaken for hunger.

Imitate them: 2 hours of sleep per week is just about 17 minutes more per day. Well, this could be done even by most employed women and you will slowly crawled up to eight hours of healthy, rejuvenating sleep and daily weight-loss.

Quick tip

Eat breakfast! 78 percent of all people who successfully maintained their ideal weight eat in the morning a healthy and balanced breakfast with plenty of fruit and cereals.