How to speed up metabolism

For weight loss has a decisive influence also a healthy digestion. How to speed up digestion that will help the body eliminate unhealthy substances and melt fat?

What is happening with food in your body?

Food begins digesting in your mouth already. Saliva breaks down every snack, so it is important to eat slowly and well chew. First is digested alcohol, which is break down in the liver in a few minutes. The following to digest are the remaining liquids, then the body starts digesting solid foods – carbohydrates first, then protein and finally fat. Fats are the most difficult degradable, which is why they often accumulate in the body.
A normal meal is digested for about two hours in the stomach and then another four to six hours in the gut, to remove all the nutrients.

Food stimulates certain hormones, which notify the brain that we’re full. IMG_9262-Version-2The larger is the proportion of fat in our meals and thicker is the meal, slowly goes food through the stomach and brain spend more time to get our message of satiety.

Hunger day after

When the last day overeat, the next morning we wake up hungry. Our digestive system is still working late into the night, while we also increase blood sugar. When the meal is digested, the blood sugar level lowers, that’s why we are already hungry morning. If were eating the last day normal, digestion would be completed and we would not feel the need for food as soon as we open eyes. In addition, we are hungry the next day, because the brain because the excessive ingestion of a meal simply require another one.

Liquid calories

Even alcohol has a strong influence on digestion. Although it contains a lot of calories, does not give us a sense of satiety, in addition, inhibits the digestion of fat. This is combusted in the liver, but when we drink alcohol, does alcohol break down instead of fat. Let’s see how many calories each alcoholic beverage has:

  • Beer – 138 calories
  • Light beer – 96 calories
  • champagne – 121 calories
  • red wine – 123 calories
  • dry white wine – 114 calories
  • vodka with tonic – 169 calories
  • coffee liquor – 191 calories
  • vodka martini – 149 calories

More calories to digest

Recent research has confirmed the old argument that some foods have negative energy, which means that you can spend digesting even more calories than we consume. So in weight loss you can afford an unlimited supply of certain foods. These are mainly vegetables: artichokes, Swiss chard, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, chicory, cauliflower, garlic, onions, black radishes, endive, head lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, peppers, parsley, radishes, red beets, turnips, dandelion, radishes, turnips, watercress, green beans and green.

Herbs for the acceleration of the digestion

Herbs that improve digestion and metabolism are: anise, marjoram, buckthorn, thyme, wormwood, juniper berries, sage, valerian, rose hips, yarrow, chamomile, nettle, lemon balm, mint, horsetail, rosemary and angelica.