How to simply lose holiday extra pounds in seven steps

You spent a fantastic vacation with your family, lie down on the beach, enjoyed healthy and unhealthy food and drunken cocktails. This is of course aware on your weight. You need a seven step diet plan to return to a healthy diet and lose extra pounds accumulated during the vacations.

First step

If you chewed biscuits, chips, candies etc. during the vacation it is now time to forget about them for a while. Even if you brought home some candies, typical of the country in which you were on holiday, hide them for a few weeks to a safe place.

Second step

Immediately go back to the stable orbits, forget about the fast-food, especially one that can be ordered to the home. Do not miss hours of exercise! This must be followed by all family members.

Third step

Put back on the menu a lot of light diet consisting of large amounts of vegetables and small fruits (because the reverse you will not achieve the desired effect, as fruit contains a lot of sugar), only in this way you will solve problems that you had with digestion on vacation.

Fourth step

On holiday you ate at unusual hours, often late at night, but this must not happen at home. Start writing a diary when you eat, and what you can eat. This will be a great help when you get tempted to eat something, because it will be very difficult to record it into a diary.

Fifth step

On holiday you also tried new dishes, and some of them were healthy. Find cookbooks with typical dishes of the country you visited and try to prepare these dishes at home.

Sixth step

If you moved on vacation and tried water skiing, aerobics or some other exercise and you liked it, try to find a course for it and subscribe to it. Why not lose extra pounds that are noted on your stomach and buttocks?

Seventh step

If you relaxed on vacation and afforded some more alcoholic beverages, start with several weeks of abstinence. So you can focus on your work commitments, which have accumulated while you were out of office.

It is important that you do not start to panic if gained a few extra pounds during the summer.