How to safely and healthy lose weight


Many words have been spent regarding how to lose weight fast. Fact is that there is no magic formula to lose weight.

When you come to a decision that something has to be done regarding excess weight it is good to know few basic things that you must know and follow.

  1. Healthy dieting

Healthy dieting is one of the most important and basic things that you need to follow. You need to make a diet plan, which will consist of healthy food, important supplements, times of eating and ways of eating.

Maybe you will not find it important, but how you eat, it is very important. When you enjoy your meals it is important that you eat slowly and you chew the food properly. Take small bites and chew them. With this you will sooner start to feel that you are satiety and your body will easier digest the food.

Use smaller plates. So you will have a feeling that your plate is already full. In this way you will unconscionably eat less food.

  1. Calorie intake

One step forward to lose weight it is to monitor the calorie intake. So your homework is to start measuring how many calories you eat per day and how much calories you consume per day. So try to search for a simple hearth rate monitor. This one will help you to control the loss of energy or calories per day.

  1. Regular Exercising

Regular exercising is important segment in your weight loss plan. There are more ways to lose weight. Slower and faster. We suggest slower one. At the beginning of your weight loss plan you don’t need to exaggerate. Depending of your physical condition you have to start moving. Having short, 15 minute walks is a good start. With physical activities you will raise your heart rate. Higher heart rate is equal to consume more energy, which is equal to consume more unwanted calories.

  1. Muscles and losing weigh

Maybe it sounds a little fanny, but when you start exercising you will start to lose excess fat, but it is not necessary you will lose weight.

When exercising your muscles will start growing and these will start to substitute fats. So in a certain time you will not be losing weight. Your weight will stay equal. This is good. Muscles will burn more calories and your body will slowly start gaining nice shape. In long term you will never ever have problems with fatty body again.

  1. Why lose weight

With excess pounds your body is under a big stress. Your joints, backbone, heart are struggling to survive. In long term your body starts to hurt, your backbone will get bad shape, your joints will be consumed and at the end your heart will be under big pressure.

You will be more exposed to diseases such as diabetes, strokes, cholesterol etc…

  1. Set your weight loss goals

When you decide to make something good for your body do it slowly, which will bring you better results in long period.

Set goals. Ask yourself how much you are prepared to suffer. It can be very simple with no struggle. Example: Decide to lose 2 kg every 10 days. This is about 6kg in 1 month. You can achieve this with suggestions described above. You will get great results and you will never ever have to worry about your excess weight again.

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