How to resist food tips

Are you also one of the people who cannot resist to salty snacks such as popcorn or chips? Scientists have discovered why this is so and how to resist food or how to fix the habit.

Scientists have finally discovered the real reason why many people love salty snacks. The reason was not that snacks such as popcorn, potato chips and salt sticks are so delicious, but they find that people are just slaves to our habits. Both places and situations, such as watching the film in the cinema, are associated with a particular food species, such as popcorn.

We also eat old popcorn

Researchers at the University of South Carolina tried with experiment trying to figure out why people overdo with unhealthy snacks. They found that in a situation where we are used to eat popcorn, we eat even if popcorn is older than one week.

At the entrance to the cinema it was distributed a box of popcorn. Some received a fresh one, still warm and some received popcorn old a week. Those who usually don’t eat during the film were much more sensitive to taste and did not eat old popcorn, while those who always eat popcorn, were not too choosy about what they ate and ate fresh or old popcorn with the same run.

”People believe that their appetite affect the taste of food. However, it is highly unlikely that someone likes the taste of cold, mushroom and wet popcorn” said co-author of the research and explained that once formed the habit of some food, such as popcorn during the movie, the taste is no longer important and the same amount of popcorn will be eaten, regardless of whether they are fresh or old.

Brain link to a specific food to the environment

The research helps in understanding the phenomenon food overdo, this is a consumption of large quantities of food as hunger dictates.” When we repeat a pattern of nutrition, for example, we find out that for the movies we always eat popcorn and our brains connect specific behavior to the environment in which we are. So we eat popcorn at the cinema, regardless of taste and feeling of satiety,” said study leader.

Researchers have also delivered popcorn in the lobby of the cinemas, where is possible to view short extracts from movies. As the hall do not link the consumption of popcorn, the difference between fresh and old popcorn was very important, even for those who always eat, while watching movies. This showed the impact of the environment as a specific trigger to some eating habits.

Brain can be fooled

In the second experiment, the researchers found that food may counteract the habit of participating in the experiment, when asked to eat with the other hand, as usual. Because of this they had to focus more on just eating popcorn and old popcorn soon becomes no longer smelled.

Changing any of other factors of eating patterns, such as the hand with which to eat can help or stop the eating habits.