How to repair muscle fiber

Although exercising is healthy, also in this area as everywhere in life overdoing can harm. So do exercising but at the same time learn how to ensure that you do not get surprised by sore and stiff muscles.

Some people are even proud with their muscle fiber, because it gives them the feeling that they really made something for their body. But in reality they just hurt themselves. This is a warning from the body that we have gone too far. Pain means that we have with excessive load of exercises actually damaged muscle fibers, which then muscles got further inflammation. Uncomfortable feelings will be gone when the tissue will be regenerated. In the future it would be advisable to pay more attention to such pain and try to avoid it. How to avoid muscle fiber?

Exercise moderately

Try to be in your life almost always same active. This means that you do not first have period when you just lie down, followed by a period when you train for a marathon. Your muscles will thank you if you will the intensity and length of activity increasing gradually. You must listen to your body, its limits must be observed.


Activities should follow relax. Muscles need both. This is even more important if you have a feeling that after your sport activity you might just went too far. In this case, make sure that your muscles do not load further. As example instead of the stairs, use elevator.

Do not forget to stretch

When you exercise, first increase the intensity of exercise, maintain for a certain time the intensity of exercise and then start to reduce the intensity. So first warm up and at the end little relax the muscles. In order to prevent muscle fiber make also a good stretch. Exchange stretch positions and hold each one long enough to really feel the stretch.

Treat yourself with a massage

If you have a feeling that you could wake up in the next morning with sore and stiff muscles, besides the stretching don’t forget to have some massage. Be aware that massage must be very gentle, because you don’t want to hurt even more your muscle fibers, as you probably already did. In this way you will avoid an excessive muscle inflammation.

Get under a cold shower

To prevent muscle fiber do not shower with pleasantly warm water after the training. Shower with cold water at least the part of the body which you suspect that may start to hurt the next day. This fact accelerates blood circulation and causes faster tissue regeneration. If you cannot stand under the cold shower, prepare a cold tower.

Prepare a nice bath

Instead of shower, you can enjoy in a refreshing bath. This should be cold, prepared with Epsom salt. This is very rich in magnesium, which is beneficial for muscle.

Take a medicine

If despite all advices you still wake up in pain, immediately take a painkiller. This will reduce the inflammation and prevent a muscle fiber to become even worse. Do not take drugs too often for this purpose. Better to stop exaggerating.