How to make green tea

Preparation of tea is a special ceremony, which adds to the enjoyment of tea necessary atmosphere and pleasure. For green tea, there are certain rules, how to make green tea and extract the best and a fuller flavor out of it.

Beginners often make some mistakes in the preparation of green tea, for which the tea becomes too bitter, which can ruin the enjoyment of green tea. Therefore, we have prepared some tips on how to make an excellent green tea.

Tips how to make green tea

First rule to make green tea

The first rule is the amount of green tea leaves to prepare a cup of tea. It is generally sufficient from 2 to 3.3 grams of tea leaves for one cup; this is up to 1 dl. The amount again depends on the quality of tea; better is the quality, less is the amount of green tea leaves. Measure the amount you want to prepare and place the leaves in a teapot. Then you begin the preparation of water.

Second rule to make green tea

Second important rule is selecting the right water for green tea. Water for tea should be soft, that is, with minimal amounts of calcium. You can choose to use bottled water, but you have to be cautious about the origin and contained quantity elements as calcium and magnesium in the water, which are the main “culprit” for the hardness of water.

Or you can use a little trick when using tap water. Boil water in an open container to evaporate calcium. But beware! Do not use boiling water to overflow through the tea leaves. Boiling water (about 90-100 ° C), boiled leaves and destroy the flavor, which makes the tea taste bitter.

Water must be cooled to a temperature from 70 to 85 ° C, depending on the quality of tea leaves. Better is the green tea quality, the lower can be the temperature of the water. The tea tastes even better, if cups from which you drink it, are little warmer. It is best if you first pour boiled water in the cup, wait for it to cool to a temperature (usually one minute is enough) and then pour water from cups in the teapot. In this way you get heated cups and a suitable temperature for green tea.matcha-measuring-840x586

Tea should be in hot water only from one minute to a maximum of two and a half minutes. However not more than two and a half of minutes, because green tea becomes bitter. Duration in turn depends on the quality of tea leaves; the better is the quality, longer it soaks.

In order for the smooth taste of tea, slowly, in jets poured tea into a cup and use all the cooked tea.

If you follow these tips how to make green tea, you will undoubtedly achieve the best flavor of tea and further enhance the pleasure of drinking tea.