How to make a healthier hamburger

By on September 12, 2013

Even though we know that industrial processed foods are harmful, we often do not know how to resist industrial food. But when the desire to bite into a hamburger is bigger, you can prepare it for your health in a completely safe way.

Choose healthier bread

Instead of bread from industrial white flour, select a whole wheat one. It will be even better, if it is sprinkled with seeds and thinner. What about a burger from lettuce? All you need is two or four bigger lettuce leaves that fold and eat steak, cheese and perhaps a piece of tomato, between them.

Opt for lean meat

Hamburger will be the healthiest, if you choose a chicken or white turkey meat instead of beef steak. Best quality is what has grown organically. So if you cannot give up to the traditional piece of beef, at least buy where you know that the animals were treated nicely. So reach for a piece that is as far as possible less greasy and avoid the meat that was in any industrial processing. An interesting option is to replace the steak with salmon file or tuna. While cooking be careful not to burn the meat, as it is not healthier either.

Overdo it with vegetables

Instead of biting into only two pieces of white bread and greasy steak, make this combination nutritional as much as possible, with a bunch of different vegetables. There is no need to find in a hamburger only lettuce and tomato, but also grilled zucchini, red peppers, sliced ​​cucumbers, various sprouts, onions and grilled mushrooms can be found in it. You can even try combinations with grilled pineapple or sliced ​​date mussel. Do you find this kind of hamburger even more interesting?

Think about spices

Ketchup, mayonnaise and various other additives to dishes can contain a lot of harmful fats and too many calories. Hamburger will be just as tasty, if it will be enriched by the most healthy mustard, Spanish salsa, Mexican guacamole, Japanese wasabi or U.S. Relish. The last one can be prepared as a mix of cucumber, red pepper, mustard, vinegar, salt and water. All healthy ingredients – the final product is even tastier. In addition, you can use healthy spices also when preparing the meat.

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