How to maintain motivation to achieve your goals

Stay committed to your goal and do not give up even an inch. Five tips how to keep the motivation go on.

  1. Think outside the frameworks

Whatever the area of your life is, a routine is one that can erase the feeling of happiness. If day after day you do the same things, then I doubt that you stay motivated and happy. Changes or challenges make us often happier. If months after months you repeat or perform the same sequence of exercises with the same intensity, the same days and hours, it is not uncommon to lose the will and simply give up.

Take a sheet of paper and write down the five activities that you try at least once in the next four weeks. Climbing, dance classes, group exercise, surfing, rafting etc. This will spice up your schedule.

  1. Create an a fit environment

How can you make a supportive environment at home, in a place where you practice, or at workplace? Make a few little things that can contribute to improve the motivation:

  • motivational content in your office or in the background of your phone
  • photo of a dream figure on your refrigerator or in an empty box, where you are hiding sweets
  • the shopping slip with enshrined healthy treats that are waiting for you on the kitchen counter

Let your imagination run wild and make the changes that you will be reminded again and again of what you earn, what you want and what you need to do.

  1. Tell everybody

About your changes report to your family, friends coworkers etc. Mainly because these are the people you encounter on a regular basis and they have the right to know what you are doing. Questions about your progress, diet and exercises will motivate you to pursue your program.

Because of this you will be served on the next picnic with lean chicken and vegetables, when you go to the movie, there will be no more questions about the chips and similar snacks, at the birthday party a raw piece of cake will be waiting for you. If people around you do not know what your project is, you can be very easily and unknowingly set against the temptation, spoils your plans and consequently motivation falls rapidly.

  1. Photos before and after

The best motivation is definitely instantaneous results. There is no better way than to keep track of your progress with real-time photos. Libra does not reflect the real picture. Photos will also remember you, why did you decide to do the transformation.

  1. Treat yourself with a reward for the effort and discipline

Although we have to enjoy during the transformation, we propose to buy a piece of clothing before the transformation that you can wear when you reach your goal. Buy something that you really want to wear for a long time and that already a thought that you can wear this dress of your dream can get in a good mood.

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