How to eat healthy

Those who eat balanced in the long run, are physically active and take care of the fact that their brains work well, rarely get sick. And what constitutes a healthy diet?

So, how to eat healthy

It is good to give up meat?

Last years it is meat on a bad reputation. But for no reason! In addition to proteins it’s the key source of vitamins and important minerals such as iron. However, the adult should not eat more than 600 grams of meat and cured meat products per week. For comparison; Europeans eat an average of about 1000 grams of meat. It’ good to take into account the principle of less is more.

Does food from organic origin contain more nutrients?

In the research could not get results that fruit and vegetables contain significantly more minerals and vitamins. Only the milk from organic origin has been shown to contain more healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

It’s already prepared food itself unhealthy?

Pizza from the freezer, canned stew, ready soups, often contains more salt and fat. In some of the articles there are dangerous additives to enhance taste, such as sodium glutamate (so check the ingredients on the packaging). Well, vegetables and fish from the freezer are without these additions. Given that most food is frozen while they are fresh, often contain more vitamins than fresh foods, which are hours and hours spent in transit.

Which diet is particularly healthy?

Current analysis shows that this is the Mediterranean diet. It is permissible to eat 600 grams of meat and two fish meals per week. It is important also olive oil, which has a lot of healthy fatty acids. Every day should be eaten dairy products and more portions of fruit and vegetables. The combination of this is what makes so healthy diet.

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