How to control psychological hunger

Fear of hunger is genetic and also a natural phenomenon that has already experienced every one of us. Therefore, it is not uncommon that we want protect our body with large quantities of food, which can often lead to overeating. The entire process is described by scientists as a psychological hunger that fully arises with human problems that are not related to food. These are loneliness, stress, depression and boredom.

Problems are solved with food

Hunger is a sign that we send when lack of energy to the body with the demand for food. However, it is often the case that the same sign give rise to quite insignificant symptoms, such as depression and stress. Although deep down we know that the problem comes from our head and not from the stomach, does not pass a lot of time and our mouths are full again.

The scale of hunger

Google hunger can occur immediately after a meal or while awaiting the next installment. This occurs due to the taste that we want to detect or our current taste is so pleasing that we do not want to change, so we eat a lot more than we really need.

In order to successfully fool your body, it will require a lot of work and perseverance, however, small healthy snacks such as dried fruit and nuts will help.

Turn on the alarm

If you are unsure whether it is a real hunger or mere deception, look at the time. Optimal spacing between balanced meals is around four hours, which is also the time that the body needs to complete digestion of food. If from the last main meal passed only two hours, it’s time for a glass of natural juice or apple.

High energy breakfast

We’re not going to waste a lot of words on the positive features of the first morning meal – breakfast. It is very important to distinguish foods that are suitable to start the day and will be our long-term saturate of the body. These are carbohydrates – cereals, bread, pastry and milk and milk products. All these foods are converted into energy and provide long-term feeling of satiety. Whole meal croissant and fruit yogurt are therefore the perfect combination for a balanced start to the day.

A large quantity of low calorific value

Fruits and vegetables are the best employee in alleviating the sense of hunger. Unlike other foods contain large amounts of water that fills the stomach and in the body enters a minimum number of calories. The final number, again dependents on the type of fruit or vegetables, and of course on the quantities. Many of the doubts raised in particular banana, which is known for its sugar content and is recommended to consume in the morning or after a long workout.

Fiber is important!

Fiber decomposes very slowly, thus allowing a longer feeling of satiety. They also have an important role in eliminating toxins and waste products from the body. Foods that are rich in fiber are whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans.


Due to the high nutritional value, a long-term feeling of satiety is also provided from protein. In large quantities they are found primarily in milk, dairy products, meat, legumes and rice. It is recommended to consume them mainly for lunch or dinner, of course in combination with vegetables.

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