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By on December 31, 2011

How to burn fat during holidays

From shopping to entertainment and cooking – All this can be recreation. So if you do not have time to go for a workout, check out how to burn fat of whole meal in one day by the way.

Exercise is extremely important, especially during the holidays, when the fat intake increases with delicious desserts that are on the table. But what if most of us because of the shopping rush, don’t have enough time for recreation!

Let me comfort you and tell you that you can lose more calories accumulated with lunch with everyday tasks. Given data is calculated for a woman who weighs about 60 kilograms.

  • 10 minutes walk up the stairs on the day – from 100 to 150 kcal (628 kJ to 418kJ)
  • 60 minutes of cooking and preparing food – 170 kcal (712 kJ)
  • 30 minutes of playing soccer with children – 260 kcal (1088 kJ)
  • Released 30 minutes of dancing at a party – 140 kcal (586 kJ)
  • 90 minutes of shopping – 230 kcal (962 kJ)
  • 30 minutes preparing the room for guests – 190 kcal (795 kJ)
  • 20 minutes of foreplay and 40 minutes of sex – 300 kcal (1255 kJ)
  • 60 minutes ironing – 140 kcal (586 kJ)

If you are lazy to do any of daily tasks, never mind. When you go shopping, park a little farther from the front door, bags instead in trolley, take in your hand, instead of moving the furniture around the house, sweep the fallen leaves, if you have not already, take the dog for a walk or go for a walk with friends.

How to burn fat additional tips

And do not forget – when the snow falls, you can burn more fat with snow clearance, during which you will lose in one hour more than 400 kcal (1670 kJ).

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