How many bananas can we eat per day?

The myth says that you can die if you eat more than six bananas at one time. Although it is not good to exaggerate, is this myth false. Does banana really constipate the baby and it is good that they don’t enjoy it?

Bananas are very healthy, full of vitamins and minerals, especially rich in potassium, which is essential to our lives. If the level of potassium in the body is too low or too high, can cause malfunction of the heart, stomach and digestive problems, diarrhea and weakness.

How many bananas can we eat daily?

If you eat per day more than six bananas, it will not kill you. Daily we should eat more than 400 bananas, to produce a lethal amount of potassium. Thus explains Catherine Collins, nutritionist from London hospital, and adds that bananas are very healthy, that they have always been.

Adults should consume 3,500 milligrams of calcium daily. The average banana contains about 450 milligrams, which means that we can eat more than seven bananas per day to enter the recommended dosage of potassium in the body.

What happens if you eat too ripe bananas?

Believe it or not, healthier are those bananas on which you notice brown spots and not green spots. According to the latest findings these bananas act effectively in the fight against cancer.

Fully ripe banana produces a substance which is able to fight against cells which behave abnormally, that is, the cells of the tumor. In addition, contains calcium and fiber, is rich with vitamins B6, C and B2, which is one of their most important nutritive properties.

The survey was conducted under the guidance of Japanese experts, who concluded that the banana with brown dots is eight times healthier than green bananas or other fruits.

Compared with grapes, apples, watermelon, pineapple and pear, banana contains most of anti-cancer substances. When the banana ripens, develops dark dots. More dots has, the more is rich in substances that enhance the immune system. This is also ideal for the digestion, since sugar is more easily absorbed from it, compared to less mature, which is more difficult to digest, because the starch has not yet been converted to sugar.

The first “real” food

Properly prepared banana can be offered to a baby as soon as we begin to add real food. The best is to consult with a pediatrician. He will best advice, if it is a good time to give the baby a different food.

At the beginning you can add to bananas for easier digestion also your own milk. When a child grows a little more, are bananas the preferred “fast” food for the journey.