Heizmann Weight Loss method

Heizmann Weight Loss foods

So called Heizmann Weight Loss method promises that you can eat all you want (including chocolate), but time must be right. You must comply with specific nutritional hours, which we are going to present it.

  • Vegetables, fruit, flax, olive, canola and walnut oil, all spices
  • Protein: dairy products (fat free, naturally), fish, meat (such as lean poultry, beef), beans, nuts, soy products
  • Good carbohydrates: cereals (oatmeal, wholesome flour), potatoes, rice
  • Bad Carbohydrates: drinks (colas, juices, all sweetened drinks), cereals (all from white flour), candy

Lose weight without starving

You start with a ‘perfect day’ when you strictly follow the time. First, it will be difficult, after two or three weeks, you will become accustomed to new eating regime. Then select two or three days per week. Unconscious you will activate learning program and start thinking about what to eat, without feeling bad because of this or full.

Heizmann Weight Loss Rules

Three to five times a day eat mostly by Heizmann weight loss hour and watch out for enough saturated protein.

Give a priority to high quality oils, such as canola, olive or coconut oil and do not combine fats with carbohydrates.

Do not let yourself feel hungry like wolf. If you are very hungry, drink a large glass of water.

Do exercises for the muscles

At the end of the day compliment yourself

You should be relaxed. Imagine how good you look in a year or two. Imagine how you feel: how are you proud of yourself, how nice it is to look in the mirror and receive compliments.

Heizmann Weight Loss Short training exercises

Do not forget to move. Two or three times a week, make a brief workout with three exercises:

  • Knee joints: slowly descend butt to near the seat, hold and slowly lift
  • Pushups for beginners: with crossed legs in the air
  • For the bottom: Lie on your back, lift your buttocks, hold and then release the muscles of the buttocks, but not to the ground.

Repeat exercises so long till you do not start feeling a little burn in the muscles. This is completely harmless, but the only way to start producing muscle. And who has more muscle, lose weight faster!

Heizmann Weight Loss snacks

Are allowed. Turkey rolls with cottage cheese: smoked turkey breast spread with a tablespoon of cottage cheese. Fold and eat next to a piece of fruit.