Green tea weight loss

People have been looking for many years how to lose weight in an easier and more natural way possible. Recently, is on the market more and more “green” products that promise that. Recently green tea has become very popular also in green tea skin care and green tea skin products.

How is green tea weight loss successful?

Green tea is known in Asia for centuries. Unlike black teas, resulting from the fermentation of tea leaves are green teas unfermented. This leaves more of the Polyphenols in tea.

Black tea has 3 to 10% Polyphenols, green tea as much as 30 to 40%.Due to the high content of green tea Polyphenols attach a series of beneficial effects on health, from normalizing blood pressure to reduce the chance of developing cancer. Since all the positive effects of green tea have not been approved yet, only subsequent research will confirm if green tea Polyphenols actually help in the fight against various diseases.

Green tea weight loss

Green tea weight loss should help in a way to increase calorie expenditure, namely, the Polyphenols have the ability to increase thermo genesis or heat release from the body by influencing enzymes in the metabolic process. This does not necessarily mean that you will become hot after taking a cup of green tea. But that Polyphenols increase calories throughout the day between various activities, from food digestion to walk up the stairs or typing. Also other ingredients in food, such as caffeine can increase consume of calories, but Polyphenols have a stronger effect. However, the effect is not so strong that you will lose few pounds while you correspond with a friend overnight.

There have been published some studies on the effects of Polyphenols on weight and speeding up metabolism. The results are most encouraging. In one study were comparing the consumed energy in men. One group was given green tea extract, another group was given caffeine and third group was given water. Green tea extract speed up metabolism for 4%. The amount of green tea extracts, which was given to the test group, was approximately equal to one cup of green tea.

In other study, gave one group of men tea enriched with Polyphenols, and other group tea without Polyphenols. They found that men who drank tea with Polyphenols, lost more weight than men from the other group.

Green tea helps in weight loss

First studies show that green tea helps in weight loss. But this is not magic “substance” with which you will lose weight without proper exercise and regulated diet. If you enjoy drinking tea and you watch your weight and diet, green tea you can help speed up digestion, which undoubtedly has the additional effect on diet.

Green tea diet and drugs

Since green tea Polyphenols are biologically active, may also affect on the effect of drugs, if you are taking them. Therefore, if you are taking medicine consult with your doctor before green tea diet.

Research on the effects of green tea weight loss continues and we can expect that we will in future provide further clarity. Until then, enjoy a cup of green tea, but slow and moderate. If you are using green tea diet, do not forget the regulated diet and regular exercise.