Golden apple

The Chinese call it the golden apple, and they have also drawn it in their stories. The Japanese are also excited about it. Golden apple tree has been declared for the tree of peace, as it survived the Nagasaki nuclear explosion of 9th August of 1945.

Golden apple – persimmons grows best in areas with mild winters and mild summers. In China, it has been grown since the eighth century and from there it has spread to Japan. In the mid 19th century, began to grow in California.

Golden apple types – Persimmon Fruit

Persimmons are divided into two groups. Species whose fruits contain much tannin and are edible only when fully ripe, the flesh becomes very soft and gelatinous and the types of fruits with less tannin, which can be eaten before it completely ripe – vanilla Persimmon.

Excellent fruit has already ruined many people joy, because it was bitten, when not yet fully matured. Such persimmon almost literally “pulls together” our mouth. If you would like to avoid this, rather buy vanilla Persimmon – with this golden apple there is no danger and are also nutritious and tasty as their relative.

Golden apple healthy benefits

Old Japanese proverb says: “When Persimmon start to become red, a medical doctor becomes wise.”

Sweet and spicy fruit is not only very tasty, but also very nutritious as it contains lots of vitamins (C, B1, B2, and B6), minerals (potassium, magnesium, copper and phosphorus), fiber, pectin, tannins and has a low fat and protein.

With two golden apples per day we will quench the need for physical precursors of provitamin A – carotenoid.

How to buy and store Persimmon

Choose fresh fruits with lively yellow-orange color. The fruit must not be damaged or frayed. Not quite ripe Persimmon is best to store in the basement, where in 10 to 14 days completely ripe.

You can place them in plastic bags and store at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Stored in such a way fruits will be maintained for at least two months. Immature fruit will mature quickly, if we save it in a bag with a ripe banana or apple, which will facilitate their maturation.

Would you prefer fresh golden apple or in desserts

Persimmon could be enjoyed ripe or dried. In normal varieties of Persimmon we first wait for a dark orange color and that the skin becomes translucent.

Completely ripe Persimmon we usually eat with a spoon. It can be also scraped into the cup and grind with a blender, add a little of lemon juice and mix with fresh cream or ground with whole nuts, cottage cheese or cooked cereals.

Vanilla Persimmons can be eaten soon as turns yellow, even if remains crispy. You can peel them and together with other types of fruit, put in a salad or eat it like an apple.

With Persimmon Fruit can be prepared a whole range of desserts and other dishes:

  • Dessert with Persimmon and almonds
  • Persimmon Smoothie
  • Persimmon Cream
  • Persimmon Fruit Snacks
  • Persimmon Pie
  • Persimmon Fruit Cake

Persimmon tells how severe the winter will be

With Persimmon kernel we can predict how severe the winter will be. You have to halve the persimmon stone in lengthwise. In its interior will show a design similar to spoon, fork or knife.

Each form has its significance:

  • Knife: Winter will be very cold; the cold will be so severe that will “cut us to the bone”.
  • Spoon: There will be heavy snow.
  • Forks: winter will be extremely mild, with just a little snow.
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