Four autumn tricks for slim body

Lower numbers on the thermometer does not mean only refreshment, but also a high risk for new pounds. Studies have shown that people in the colder months are hungrier and prefer refuge to various snacks, since do not feel the pressure that in few days have to wear a bathing suit again. We have therefore prepared some tips that will help you in the fight with the autumn vices.

Heavy foods

Cooler weather stimulates the appetite, autumn days in addition to refreshment, bring the food that we have avoided in the summer months. Stews and soups, goulash, various sauces, lasagna and of course, pies and other pastries are the biggest culprit for the extra kilos that appear virtually overnight. Days are shorter and therefore we have more time to cook, while in summer we prefer to have recourse to refreshing salads and fresh vegetables and fruits.


There is no reason to completely abandon boiled dishes that satisfy us and warm up our body from the inside. Quite the contrary! If you want to be a good example to your children or want your body to get used to all kinds of food, is cooked lunch or dinner a perfect solution. Be especially careful with the ingredients. Use less oil, salt, cheese and ready-made sauces and make small quantities. Eat your lunch from a dessert dish, using a dessert fork.

Less physical activity

In the summer months we tend to be more active, because we have more free time and because of more beautiful weather we rather go in nature, to hike or walk. We exercise in water at sea during the summer; because of the heat we do not even smell food. The arrival of colder and rainy days makes us often lazy. Evening jogging therefore is replaced by watching television or constantly opening the refrigerator.


Physical Activity migrate into the interior. Autumn is a great time to buy bicycles, which you can use while watching TV, and unknowingly strengthening of your body. You can spend more free time with your pet or children. If you account allows, you can combine physical activity with modern technology. Different games you can play on TV, DVDs with recordings of sporting or visit the group sessions in the company of friends will be a sufficient reason for you to remain active in the autumn.

Colder weather increases appetite

The drop in temperature increases your desire for food, which with difficult you resist first few days of rain and then give up and fill your stomach with sugar and fat. Because of the colder weather, your body is sure that will warm you up with a large amount of food, which usually leads to overeating and poor welfare.


Do not let to feel cold! Get your warm clothes, before going to sleep protect your feet with cotton socks, start to wear leggings and tights, all with one purpose – to feel warm. Because of the heated body, you will decrease the desire for food and snacks. If the written still does not help, try using warm water, unsweetened tea and healthy snacks. Treat yourself with a hot shower or bath to warm up your body and reduce the desire for constant nibbling.

Careful with loose clothes

Because clothes are getting looser and thicker, they can quickly cover many shortcoming as larger tummy, buttocks, cellulite and fat deposits. Studies show that women dedicate to its appearance more attention in the warmer months, mainly due to clothing, because they are aware that swimsuits disclosed those errors, which were carefully concealed in winter with a loose-fitting sweater.


Let winter wardrobe contain a few more tight clothing, which take us back and forth to remind that we need body to take care for the body whole year. Often wear in summer T-shirt and skirt, in this way you try whether you can still wear it or not. Even a walk around the house in a bikini and past the mirrors will help remind you that in the autumn a chocolate is not your best friend. In this way, you will become more aware that the year will soon be reversed and that next summer you do not want have too small swimsuits.