Food that makes you gain weight

In an effort to eat healthy, it can also happen that from an inappropriate healthy diet you can start to gain weight. How healthy is healthy food and what are the common mistakes in its enjoyment? Read on to discover what is the food that makes you gain weight?


That bread is not among the healthiest foods, it is known, however many people cannot resist to it. Bread in itself and in very moderate quantities is not a big problem, the problem is that bread lovers make it hard to stop at one or two slices of bread and second is that bread is not enjoyed independent, but in company with spreads, cheese, salami etc. If you really cannot resist it, enjoy the whole wheat, rye or spelled version of bread. Even better is that you start to replace it with something else, such as kasha, paddy rice, couscous etc.

Fruit juices

Fruit juices, unlike bread, apply to be very healthy, although they are not.  It is possible that they contain high quantities of sugar and sometimes very little natural fruit juice (only 5 per cent) and even to the body unnecessary accessories. Even 100-percent natural fruit juices are high in sugar, so drink them as a vitamin supplement and don’t exaggerate with them.

Fruit yoghurt

Artificial sweeteners and additives in yoghurt are those who, despite low milk fat don’t make any favors to your body. If you like as fruit as yogurt, treat yourself with plain yogurt and stir fresh fruit in it. In this way you have done a lot for my health. If you are on a diet, limit the quantity.

Flavored water or bubbles

Water with additives, often in the form of sugar and mineral is however water with accessories and a caloric intake that you do not need. The bubbles are still considered to be not so healthy, even when they are offered in the diet versions. If you’re thirsty, drink water!

White rice

Rice is an integral part of many diet menus, since it contains no gluten, has little sodium, is easily digestible and has a good influence on the intestinal flora. White rice is cleaned from coarse shells and envelopes, so it is not nearly as healthy as whole grain rice, which contains much more magnesium, vitamin B1, fiber and folic acid. On a diet or not eat whole grain rice!

Cereals and bran

They are so healthy, that you easy exaggerate with them and gain excess kilograms.You can quickly eat too much of them, especially when it does not stay only at breakfast, but you enjoy them as a snack throughout the day, preferably in combination with fruit, yogurt or juice. Pounds will be quickly gained, if you do not moderate. It is advisable to read the composition of the flakes in a box and inform about their energy value.


Food labeled as less caloric, light, low or no

It is particularly misleading, because usually one unhealthy ingredient can be replaced by another, and you still believe that you can afford it. This includes all kinds of healthy desserts, energy tablets and other bakery products that you cannot stop eating. Do not rely on the inscriptions on the containers, but be aware that “sugar free” on the one hand, means more fat on the other side, or right on your body. Less in this case is more, so it is better to bite into a piece of good dark chocolate than to binge with bad approximations.

Poultry burgers

Turkey and chicken meat is indeed easier to digest and more appropriate nutritional diet than beef or pork, but the hamburger is a hamburger in any way. Industrial hamburgers are all full of added flavorings, preservatives, salt and other additives that are not suitable not for losing weight as not for everyday consumption. Enjoy the meat just with vegetables and not with bread and potatoes or carbohydrates in any way.

Meals from the Microwave

The mere fact is that the food prepared in advance is not good. But nowadays we often take a snack on the way to work or we quickly heat it home. The home made food usually retain some taste, industrially prepared food replace the shortage of taste with salt. The result is that your body retains water and eventually get puffy appearance that we don’t waste words about bad health.

Olive oil

Olive oil is still very healthy, as well as many other oils, but fat is fat.Even if you are not on a diet do not exaggerate with olive oil, especially if you also use it for cooking, baking or frying. On a diet you cannot afford frying and limit oil from two to three tablespoons during the food preparation.

Salad dressings

You do not need them, even when they are in the light form. If you are on diet exclude oil from lettuce, or dress it up with two tablespoons and avoid dressing of mayonnaise, cream, yogurt.