Food Combining

Food Combining diet

Recently everyone is talking about proper food combining. Experts warn against improper food combination. Practically all people lose weight under 90-day separation diet, which is a real success. And it really seems to be that some food in combination with other food is more healthy than usual.

10 best food combinations for weight loss

Peppers are a real vitamin bomb, fish provide healthy fats, green tea may protect against cancer – almost everyone knows which foods are healthy and what effect they have.

Many people do not know that nutrients are not lonely warriors. Vitamins, minerals and other vital substances are best removed only in groups – they are grouped together and they support each other. If you know how to combine foods wisely, you will achieve even more for your health and you’ll be even longer in good shape and full of life.

Maize and beans – Ideal for building muscle

Beans are the best choice for a vegetable protein source. Along with maize, its protein has even higher quality – Maize contains precisely those amino acids that are missing in beans.

TIP: try to make vegetarian chili with beans

Steak and spinach – for better growth of cells

Folic acid in spinach promotes growth of new cells, that body absorbs it only in conjunction with vitamin B12. And this is found in meat.

TIP: spinach can be also prepared fresh in salads

Green tea and lemon – fights against free radicals

Green tea contains valuable antioxidants, catechins. They protect us from cancer and heart disease and vascular disease. With the addition of vitamin C in citrus, body can absorb five times more catechins.

TIP: add a little lemon juice to green tea

Yogurt and apples – activate gut

Yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which eliminates the unwanted calls in the gut. Pectin in apples quickly washed away harmful substances from the intestines.

TIP: this pair can be best combined with flakes

Tomatoes and broccoli – Duet against Cancer

Broccoli contains a substance sulforafan that inhibits cancer Their effect strengthens tomatoes or a red pigment lycopene. In experiments on animals have shown that this combination reduce for about 50 percent tumor growth.

TIP: prepare sauce for pasta from broccoli and tomato

Tuna and pasta – Energy for the brain

Omega 3 fatty acids in tuna provide building materials for the brain, and pasta for carbohydrates – all that is good for concentration.

TIP: pasta with tuna is good to wake up brains

Sauerkraut and caraway – Prevents constipation

Sauerkraut contains a lot of fiber to prevent lazy gut. Essential oils of caraway, which largely consists of carvone, enhance this effect.

TIP: This duo also helps nervous stomach

Hot dogs and mustard – for better digestion

Hot Dog contains a lot of fats that’s why usually lies in the stomach. Essential oil of mustard, glucosinolates, accelerate the building of gastric juice and facilitate digestion.

TIP: fatty food is digested better with mustard

Potatoes and cottage cheese – is a rich source of protein

“Bioavailability” indicates how much protein from food is converted into proteins in the body. With eggs, this amounts to 100 units in a combination of cottage cheese and potatoes to 130th.

TIP: trio of eggs, cottage cheese and potatoes is unbeatable

Mango and almonds – for the defense mechanisms

Mangoes are rich in vitamin C and almonds in vitamin E. These are optimal duet and vital substance for our immune system, which is important for the regeneration of cells.

Tip: you get a good »student food« from mango and almond pieces