Fat burning foods

Fat burning foods

With proper nutrition you make sure that your body gets everything it needs for a good performance, what major nutrients, synthetic vitamins and minerals cannot provide.

A healthy diet should be based on natural foods, which are modified or processed as little as possible. Only in such way can provide full set of vital substances that promote fat burning.

Fat burning foods speed up metabolism

Fat may be consumed only if the metabolism is working properly. Balanced mixed diet with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole-products contains natural substances that are involved in the metabolism of fat and thus prevent their retrieval.

Fat burning foods list

Spicy food

Spicy foods encourage the release of heat and thus consume more calories. When you prepare your favorite dishes use chili, pepper, ground pepper and Tabasco.

Green tea

Positive action of green tea on the body, mind and soul is the result of active ingredients that are in green tea, although a cup of unsweetened tea has almost no calories. Green tea benefits.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C produces the hormone nor epinephrine in our body, which in addition to alleviating stress also promotes fat burning. For a small snack eat fresh fruits and vegetables or just prepare a freshly squeezed juice.Vitamin C benefits.


Microelement (trace elements) is an integral part of the important enzymes in sugar metabolism process, because it improves the effect of insulin. The concentration of sugar in the blood because of Chromium remains in a stable state, resulting in release of fatty molecules, which are used for energy. By increasing the intake of chromium you reduce the craving and hunger.

Chromium sources

Sources of chromium in natural foods are in very small amounts: brewer’s yeast, meat, whole grain products, nuts, peas, plums, and black tea … In all better stocked shops you can buy chromium products in capsules, tablets or liquids.


You get most of caffeine by drinking coffee, genuine tea, cola or cocoa. crop_sm_Cocoa-BeansCaffeine is a stimulator for your mental and physical activity, because it stimulate central nervous. Strong coffee increases thermo genesis – the production of thermal energy in the body – because, after 20 minutes of ingestion it increases the level of free fatty acids in the blood, which are used for energy. This is particularly true if you are physically active.


Zinc promotes fat melting, as it effectively operates on the functioning of insulin and the blood sugar level. Zinc Benefits.

Omega-3 fatty acid

You can find polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid in linseed oil, linseed, primrose oil, and fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, cod and herring. Salmon omega 3.


L-Carnitine is a substance produced by the human body from amino acids of lysine and affects on the lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. For efficient production of Carnitine are needed also vitamin C, iron and vitamin B6. Carnitine can be found in red meat, milk and milk products, but almost anything in plant food.


Magnesium is an integral part of the enzymes responsible for fat burning.