Energy diet tips

GREEN TEA Energy Diet Foods

To feel active and energetic, energy tea drink can help us, if we drink it through the day and contain green tea and ginseng.


Physical Activity does not only help us in burning calories, but also contributes to the good mood and provides us with a good feeling. Therefore, we have to be physical active during the detox diet as well as we have already achieved the desired weight.

  • Each user can choose a physical activity that he likes and can do: you can practice aerobics or swimming, can join a collective sport or even dance. Those who do not like to exercise and do not like any sport, can still easily opt for the faster walking or cycling.
  • We can start with a 15-minute walk per day to prolong it slowly for 5 minutes to get to 40 or 45 minutes. Also (if you choose cycling) we can start with 20 to 30 minutes and extend it to one hour. First bicycle in flat terrain, then slowly add ascents and descents.


After completion of one month’s diet we can (in order to maintain the results achieved) follow the program for at least 15 days, while caloric intake increases to 1,600.

  • It is enough that for the lunch we add non-fat yogurt and 60 g of whole wheat bread, which is spread evenly between lunch and dinner
  • When we return to a normal diet plan, we must continue to pay attention to certain categories of food, which (if you eat too much) lose energy, but also cause discomfort and fatigue



In addition to fats, which are used for cooking and dressing, we also have to pay attention to the natural fats, which are present in foods: cured meat products, cheeses and dried fruit we have to eat in small quantities. Too fat foods tire digestion and can cause a bad mood and fatigue after eating.YGT-41532-7

As far as fat for cooking and dressing, it is recommended not to exceed 30 g (3 tablespoons) per day of which should be at least 20 g of extra virgin olive oil, which is rich in unsaturated fats, which are valuable to the health of cells and heart.


Sweets get us in a good mood, but they are often too fat and contain too much sugar. Pick the homemade desserts that do not contain greasy creams and may contain some cocoa or ice cream, in addition to calories, contain nutrients in milk and eggs. It is the best if you eat them in the morning: give us momentum to deal with daily responsibilities.


Encourage a sense of goodwill and euphoria. However, if we exaggerate, cause malaise, headache and fatigue. Alcohol makes your liver tired and contains a lot of calories. As much as possible avoid high-alcoholic beverages; you can drink a glass of red wine during the meal (about 70 calories), which, thanks to the polyphenols, prevent degenerative diseases, improves circulation and is good for the heart.

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