Detox diets for weight loss

If you still opt for the loss of inches, we recommend that you take at least nine days detoxification plan, because it represents an ideal step even before the weight-loss program. In the days of detoxification of the organism do not think about the instrument, but visualize on how your body is cleansing and has become an excellent “ground” for step forward.

Nearly 50 percent of women want to lose weight and are therefore subject to unverified weight-loss method that usually does not only bring frustration, but also a few extra pounds on the belly and hips.

In doing so, will help you water that eliminates dangerous toxins from the body, such as nitrate and ketones. You will be surprised that with this way disappeared a few extra pounds.

Detox diet foods

Good detox diet foods

Lemon, pineapple, apples, strawberries, onions, garlic, lettuce, radishes, leeks, parsley, celery, fermented yogurt, fish, chicken and green tea.

Bad detox diet foods

Coffee, tea, salt, alcohol, sweets, white flour, meat, pate, cheese and milk

Be aware at the quantity

When we decide to make detox diet is the most important, that we enter into the body fresh, light and natural foods, but however it is also important, how much food we eat. Often we do not feel that we are satiety and we have enough. Consequently we feel fatigue, bloating and uncomfortable twisting of the stomach. You can avoid this by helping you to eat from a small dish in which you give as much food as the (real) body needs.

Opt for a change

Radical changes are never welcome, also in the diet as can cause a negative effect, so just try to detox. In the days of detox diet avoid foods hard to digest and minimize sweet, sour and salty dishes. Restoration of metabolism requires a few rules:

  • Breakfast should include good carbs and in the second half of the day give priority to proteins (fish, chicken)
  • Vegetable soups are inevitable
  • Do not skip meals and eat every four hours
  • Enjoy a diet rich in fiber (try raw vegetables)
  • Eat fruit alone as a meal or at least two hours after the main meal
  • chew food well, because digestion begins in the mouth

    Various fruits around a glass of juice and a tape measure

    Various fruits around a glass of juice and a tape measure

  • several times a day drink fermented yogurt, rich in probiotic
  • forget alcohol and nicotine
  • daily drink 2.5 liters of water with a few drops of lemon or unsweetened tea (not fruit)
  • if possible, use certified organic food origin
  • Breathe properly – especially when you’re in the fresh air
  • movement has a positive impact on intestinal function
  • Treat yourself to a long sleep and rest

Better one than none

Nutritionists say that is good at least once a year to make a detox diet. If you find nine or 21 days, which is ideal, too much (We do not see any reason to be), why not at least one day a week devote to detoxify the body? Before you choose which will be this day, please be sure that your day without food does not constitute torture.

That day you should enjoy, because here is primarily to relieve the body for better feel and easier to perform everyday tasks. This means more momentum, better wake up and no inflation in the abdomen.

In this way you will improve the immune system and accelerate blood circulation, but can also prevent many diseases. Did you know that the body uses to digest as much as 20 percent of energy? Shame, isn’t it.

It will be easier with rules:

  • cleaning of the organism should always be on the same day of the week
  • Depending on the health status, eating raw vegetables and apple or drink only yogurt and vegetable drinks.
  • on this day are banned sweets, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol
  • Drink at least 3 liters of water
  • After a long walk enjoy a sauna and massage
  • You should not feel cold on the day of detox diet