Detox diet plan

It would be good if there was a special cleanser for the body. Like we vacuum dust in the house, we could easily suck all the dirt from our bodies. Such devices do not exist yet, but we have the available effective method – detoxification – or better detox diet.Healthy and slim with Detox Diet

The word may sound intimidating, but detoxification is something much easier and healthier, as cruel and magic” diet. It is not a result of the modern era, because already in the Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, people had a need for cleaning the body. Before you begin the rehearsal, remember one thing: do not mix detox diet with the torture of starving, because detoxification certainly it is not and cannot be!

Toxins in the bodygetty_rf_photo_of_fresh_fruits

Nature has awakened and it is time that you wake up too – with a full rehearsal of the body. Cleaning will benefit everyone, especially those who must also get rid of fat deposits, clear skin of impurities or declining life energy.

Due to fast lifestyle and low-quality food in the body loads large amounts of toxins. Think about with what you fed all these years your body! Hmm, you are concerned? Result of stress, multi incorrect diet, consumption of drugs, alcohol and smoking is a large quantity of waste residue in the body.

If the body retains too long, the toxins begin to load in body cells, which may burden the organism and threaten its equilibrium. In the worst case occur diseases that are associated with toxins: arthritis, allergies, acne, headache etc. To get rid of toxins afford your organs a break. Only then will effortlessly perform their role and serve you for a long time.

A little anatomy

Against the accumulation of toxins the body is struggling with perspiration, urination, excretion and respiration. Here and there it is good to help the digestive system and organs responsible for the elimination of toxins from the body. And which are they:

  • Liver: in addition to neutralizing toxins, they clean in one minute around 1.5 liters of blood and check which substances are present in each drop.
  • Kidneys: filter toxins in the body that excrete with urine. Darker urine is more toxins your body contains.
  • Lungs: with proper breathing we transfer oxygen into the blood stream from the carbon dioxide it.
  • Gut: is a central digestive organ
  • Skin: it is called a third kidney, because it secretes many waste materials