Dessert with Persimmon and almonds

Quickly prepared dessert, for which we do not need oven. It is enough a fridge and some good will!

Dessert with Persimmon and almonds ingredients

  • 500 ml of frozen cream
  • 3 vanilla Persimmon
  • 100 g chopped toasted almonds
  • 50 g of whole almonds

Dessert with Persimmon and almonds preparation

Thoroughly wash persimmon, remove stem and halve them. Remove any stones and then finely chop persimmon meat.

In the small bowls for ice cream first stuff frozen cream, which we sprinkle with majority of chopped almonds, cover with a layer of chopped Persimmon Fruit and sprinkle with the rest of chopped almonds. Garnish the dessert with whole almonds and the remaining frozen cream. Serve to the guests.

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