Cinnamon weight loss

Improves taste, soothing, stops bleeding, and prevents inflammation and spasms. Suitable for the heart, stomach and nerves.

Healing. Cinnamon is a flavor that is recommended for all age groups, its beneficial effects in mature age are even more appreciated. Cinnamon is soothing, is a mean of stopping the bleeding, improves digestion in the stomach and a substance in cinnamon reduces inflammatory reaction and decontaminate the gastrointestinal. For the healing it is used a yellow-brown inner bark, the remaining parts are used for spice.

The healing effects of cinnamon

Cinnamon strengthens the heart and stomach, stimulates nerves and refreshes the blood, helps with poor digestion, cinnamonprevent creation of too much acid shall convene and mucus in the stomach, helps in strong vomiting, soothes diarrhea, helps with bleeding from the uterus, with excessive and too long menstruation and after childbirth, stimulates urination and anti gout. As a medicine removes indigestion and flatulence cramps, restores appetite and strengthens the body immune system.

Cinnamon improves sugar metabolism

Daily intake of cinnamon has a positive impact on blood sugar and also many fats in the blood, such as triglycerides and cholesterol; this is demonstrated by the study of Dr. Almamet Khan. Cinnamon stimulates the functioning of insulin and insulin receptors, and therefore better utilizes the body’s own insulin.

Cinnamon slow down. Cinnamon slows the passage of food from the stomach into the intestine and lowers blood sugar.

Adding cinnamon in sweets alleviates blood sugar that occurs after eating them, reported Swedish experts from the University Hospital in Malmö. Slower growth of sugar in the blood of people tested is due to the fact that cinnamon slows the passage of food from the stomach into the intestine, which was also confirmed by ultrasound. A previous study indicates that in humans suffering from diabetes type II, after 40 days of taking cinnamon reduced blood sugar and cholesterol.

Healing is attributed to essential oil cinamaldehid that destroys bacteria, viruses, worms and inhibits the growth of fungi. The effect is laboratory proven to work and to work as disinfectant for the urinary tract, has also been confirmed in clinical studies.

U.S. researchers in Beltsville, Maryland proved on the cell cultures that cinnamon improves diabetic-term response of fat cells to insulin. The metabolism of glucose in them also increased by 20 times! According to the researchers to the disease diabetes type II, can diabetic properties of cinnamon be used as a spice in their diet.

It should only be taken into account that the acceptable daily intake of cinnamon is 0.1 mg / kg of body weight, as recommended by doctors.