Cheese benefits

Cheese has been considered for a long time the enemy number 1 for those who wanted to lose weight. But a growing number of studies suggest that this should not be so.

Are you a big fan of cheese, but you stay away from it, because you are afraid that you will gain extra pounds, because of it? Then you will be happy after reading this article.

Experts have found that although the cheese contains a lot of fat, it is also rich in calcium, which helps that more fat passes through the body undigested. This means that our body does not completely absorb all the fat, which cheese contains and simply excreted it trough the bowel.

In the British study with volunteers has been shown:

– individuals who ate little cheese and got little calcium, excluded 8 grams of fat per day, which is 56 grams per week

– individuals who ate a lot of cheese and got more calcium, eliminated 12.5 grams of fat per day, which is 88 grams per week

The difference between the two forms of nutrition was as much as 30 grams of fat, which in the long run in terms means few pounds less. Calcium in combination with fat creates a substance which is similar to the soap, which slides over the gastrointestinal tract and it is not absorbed said for the BBC a nutrition expert.

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