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23 Dec 2011

Heizmann weight loss recipes

Cherry cake with chocolate For18pieces: 250 g sour (from the jar), 40 g dark chocolate, 250 g ground almonds, 1 packet of baking powder, 250 g wheat flour (type 1050), a pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons canola
23 Dec 2011

Heizmann Weight Loss method

Heizmann Weight Loss foods So called Heizmann Weight Loss method promises that you can eat all you want (including chocolate), but time must be right. You must comply with specific nutritional hours, which we are going to
5 Dec 2011

Green tea weight loss

People have been looking for many years how to lose weight in an easier and more natural way possible. Recently, is on the market more and more “green” products that promise that. Recently green tea has become
30 Sep 2011

Cinnamon weight loss

Improves taste, soothing, stops bleeding, and prevents inflammation and spasms. Suitable for the heart, stomach and nerves. Healing. Cinnamon is a flavor that is recommended for all age groups, its beneficial effects in mature age are even