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3 Oct 2011

How the Atkins diet works

Protein diets are recently very popular, because they provide rapid weight loss. And since people still believe in the magic pill (no matter what kind of impact will have on our health), we are willing to try
30 Sep 2011

Strawberry Nutrition Diet

Sweet fruits are not only extremely delicious, but also an ideal diet food – fast digestible and almost no calories (100 grams it contains up to 32). In addition, they contain much larger amounts of manganese, which
29 Sep 2011

5 day diet

Five-day and stress-free diet with guaranteed success. Listen to your body and learn how to understand it. Losing weight will be a child’s play. Think differently than you think so far. Imagine that you are slim and
23 Sep 2011

3 day grapefruit diet plan

Grapes, white or red, fresh or dried (raisins), has on our body a beneficial effect, experts claim that it has even therapeutic effect. Most useful substances in grapes lies precisely in the part of the fruit, which
23 Sep 2011

The Apple diet

Now it’s the right time to make a cleansing diet, before starting to accumulate energy for winter days. And now it is almost a perfect time for apple diet. Why do not enter the cold months in
22 Sep 2011

The 3 day diet plan

The 3 day diet is meant as a post. It has the effect, which is short, if you do not change eating habits.The three day diet is a short diet with a short effect and it could also be