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31 Aug 2015

Chili health effects

Do you need to lose a few extra pounds? Australian scientists recommend chili to be included in the diet. Chili will prevent from eating more food than you need. “When the stomach is full, it is expanded
28 Aug 2015

Passion fruit health benefits

Passion fruit is tropical and exotic fruit. Originally is grown in Brazil and other South American tropical regions. There are several different types; the fruits can be golden yellow or dark red-purple color. In all cases, the
26 Aug 2015

What to eat before and after exercise

Before training is advisable to eat complex carbohydrates, because they digest slowly and are a source of energy for a longer period, for example, a good choice is pasta with tuna sauce. The bigger is a part
26 Aug 2015

Proper nutrition and exercise

Anyone who has ever dealt with sport, especially professionally, is very much aware that a proper diet is crucial both for losing weight, gaining muscle mass, as well as to improve strength and endurance, and ultimately to
19 Aug 2015

How to simply lose holiday extra pounds in seven steps

You spent a fantastic vacation with your family, lie down on the beach, enjoyed healthy and unhealthy food and drunken cocktails. This is of course aware on your weight. You need a seven step diet plan to
18 Aug 2015

Cranberries health benefits

Cranberries are small red berries that mostly grow in the colder regions of the world such as Canada, the US and Europe. They have a tart flavor and are full of antioxidants and many essential nutrients. There