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30 Oct 2015

How to control psychological hunger

Fear of hunger is genetic and also a natural phenomenon that has already experienced every one of us. Therefore, it is not uncommon that we want protect our body with large quantities of food, which can often
30 Oct 2015

Four autumn tricks for slim body

Lower numbers on the thermometer does not mean only refreshment, but also a high risk for new pounds. Studies have shown that people in the colder months are hungrier and prefer refuge to various snacks, since do
30 Oct 2015

What to eat after exercise, work and in the evening

Body-friendly, healthy food and carefully prepared meals can be afforded by everyone, if only the time and strong will allow us to do. Everyone of us has found himself in a situation where he ran out of
29 Oct 2015

What happens when you do not eat sugar for nine days

Stop counting calories and simply stop eating sugar. The latest survey showed that people who stopped eating sugar for just nine days, immediately lower their pressure and lower blood cholesterol levels. Many of us in many different
28 Oct 2015

Why is fresh food good for our health

In the fresh food are hiding many nutrients that our body needs for a healthy life. It can also be enjoyed by pregnant women and nursing mothers, who should avoid only those foods that cause tension or
28 Oct 2015

How many bananas can we eat per day?

The myth says that you can die if you eat more than six bananas at one time. Although it is not good to exaggerate, is this myth false. Does banana really constipate the baby and it is