Detox diet with apple

A diet that contains apples, apples and apples, helps not only for the well-being and appearance, but also help cleanse our bodies.

3 day apple diet is a diet that allows the ingestion of any type and quantity of apples in any part of the day also in the evening is intended better than losing excess weight to purify the organism. In doing this, we must, like in any healthy lifestyle, be sure to drink enough fluids. The best choice is water or unsweetened herbal tea. But we must avoid fruit juices, except homemade apple juice.

However, that we do not get bored about the taste of apples in the first half of the day, you can liven up with all kinds of accessories (cinnamon, ginger), which prolong the feeling of satiety. To implement the 3 day apple diet plan is the most appropriate weekend, because this is not saturated with the obligations and stress.

During the cleansing apple diet rather not perform heavy physical work for organisem and not bother with high-intensity aerobic sports. You can in addition, prepare the body for a three day apple diet plan during the week. Your breakfast should be rich and nutritious, for lunch besides vegetables treat yourself with a piece of lean meat. Do not forget the intermediate portions and a modest dinner.

NOTE: Apples, among other things also prevent cancer, domestic apples are also recommended for diabetics, lower blood pressure, promote the functioning of organism, remove toxins from the body and help protect against atherosclerosis and stroke.

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