Aphrodisiacs food

Food and spices that simply ‘turn us on’ are so called aphrodisiacs. They are named after Aphrodite, the goddess of love. These foods promote our senses and sexual desire. Do you know which foods belong among them?

The most sexy …

Among the most visually attractive food, fall ripe figs. Immediately behind them are strawberry, mango and grapes, which automatically open the mind to erotic mental images. In addition to fruit, there is honey, which is due to its texture ‘forcing’ naughty thoughts. Cream, melted chocolate, additions to ice cream etc. But, whatever you may be spread on the body and then lick it. In the main the sexy food is sweet, juicy and / or cream, which applies to desserts and fruit.


People throughout history are seeking magical aphrodisiacs.107100566_-1_388057a After all, we therefore brought certain species to the brink of extinction. However, crushed rhinoceros horns or tiger claws certainly do not affect sexual mood. They are of the same substance as hair and nails, both of which can be said to fall outside of the food, and for sexual Season Three food.

It has always been known that certain foods can serve as an aphrodisiac now their effects are also confirmed by scientists who have discovered that certain foods contain substances promote sexual desire.


Chocolate (dark, better) stimulates the formation of serotonin (the hormone of good mood). When you devour it, you take the wave of happiness and become more attractive to the opposite sex. The brain secretes serotonin, when you are in love, so while you sweeten with chocolate, you feel more romantic. Prepare a dinner to your partner and at the end offer him a chocolate as a dessert. If you are not skilled in the preparation of desserts, simply dissolved chocolate and take it into the bedroom. Kiss your dear with a piece of chocolate in your mouth.


For centuries asparagus are known as an aphrodisiac. They contain a chemical that in humans awaken a sexual desire. Some plants, including asparagus, contain phytohormones or phytosteroids, chemicals that stimulate sex hormone. Asparagus also contains vitamin A and calcium that may also improve sexual desire.


Avocados are since forever famous as an effective aphrodisiac; it was glorified already by Mayans and Aztecs, who attributed to the fruit the ability to increase sexual stamina. The fact is that avocados contain vitamin D, and E, that give the necessary energy to the man, to do all night some activities. Avocado is also called a chocolate among the fruit, and it is highly recommend to those who have problems with erectile dysfunction.


When we enjoy the food, spiced with chilly, the heart begins to beat faster and we start sweating. Our body reacts in a similar manner during the sexual act. Chilly contains a specific substance that led to the burning. Therefore, it stimulates our body, accelerate blood circulation and accelerate the release of endorphins, which are deserving of a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.


Garlic is an aphrodisiac worshiped by the ancient Greeks; its aphrodisiac effect is scientifically proven. It stimulates blood circulation, and thus the sensitivity of the genital organs. Studies have shown that garlic stimulates in our body the formation of nitric oxide, which relaxes the male smooth muscle fibers that facilitate blood flow to the male sexual organ. A similar process takes place in a woman’s body, in the tissue of the clitoris.


Famed as the nectar of Aphrodite. It is extremely sweet taste and sticky, so during the enjoyment offers an indescribable sensual experience. Some studies have shown that it increases the level of testosterone (the hormone that stimulates both male and female libido) because it is rich in vitamin B. With honey can make the famous “jus d’amour” or a love potion.

Prepare it as follows: Peel and mash 100g ginger, pour over a liter of water and let stand for a few hours. Add the juice of five lemons, honey and you get a delicious drink slightly pungent taste (which you may need to get used to), that will awaken all your senses.


Oysters contain a lot of zinc (a mineral that plays a very important role in the human body) and it promotes the formation of testosterone, the most important hormone for libido and sexual stamina. Otherwise, oysters also contain other substances that act as an aphrodisiac (phosphorus, iodine etc.) and also promote the secretion of testosterone and the moistening of the vagina.