5 drinks that we should avoid

Sometimes, some beverages, which we want to drink, make to our body more damage than good. Especially if they contain too much sugar. Here are some of the drinks that are better to be avoided, or at least limit their consumption.

Some drinks are more harmful to our health, even more than candies or with nutrition empty food. Especially those that contain a lot of sugar. When drinking beverages we often forget that in this way we enter in organism calories and sugar. Here is a list of few drinks, which we should not overdo and afford it only occasionally.

  1. Sweet carbonated drinks: Sweet carbonated drinks are very harmful to our body. It has been shown that because of them more fat is stored in liver and bone, which results in increased waist size, accelerate aging and caries.
  2. Sweetened iced tea: This drink is usually full of artificial sweeteners, various additives, and contains very little natural nutrients. That’s why it is better to avoid it.
  3. Sports drinks: If you do not exercise regularly, then extra calories and sugars in sports drinks will not be beneficial. So do not exaggerate with sport drinks.
  4. Energy drinks: Energy drinks contain a large quantity of sugar or artificial sweeteners. In addition, caffeine and Taurine – on both components experts cannot agree or are completely secure or not.
  5. Drinks from coffee: If you like to drink coffee, then is better to reach for more classic versions as long coffee or espresso. Additions to coffee, such as cream or chocolate, can turn coffee into a real calorie bomb. Especially if you add sugar to the coffee. Besides it is not healthy to overdo with number of cups of coffee per day. Moderation should be your guideline in drinking coffee.

For thirst, you can reach for water or unsweetened teas. If you like the water with taste, you can add some lemon juice, oranges or strawberries.