5 day diet

Five-day and stress-free diet with guaranteed success. Listen to your body and learn how to understand it. Losing weight will be a child’s play. Think differently than you think so far. Imagine that you are slim and not fat. With a positive attitude and tangible targets you will truly achieve it at the end.

The five day diet program is adequate to those who want to lose a kilo or two. So to anyone who does not fight with huge accumulated kilograms. Diring the 5 day diet, eat lots of fiber, found in vegetables, potatoes and whole wheat bread. It will facilitate the digestion, you will hold a feeling of satiety and hampered the need for food in a natural way.

If you drink from two to three liters of fluid, you will reach your goal. Try it and you’ll see that our diet plan is very friendly and you’ll lose the kilo or two practical without major sacrifices.

5 day diet plan – First day

  • Breakfast: 375 kcal: cream with strawberries with oat flakes
  • Snack: 156 kcal: Orange juice with pear
  • Lunch: 449 calories: filet mignon with mixed vegetables
  • Snack: 159 kcal: Pizza bread with tomato
  • Dinner: 373 kcal: broth with vegetables

5 day diet plan – Second day

  • Breakfast: 372 kcal: hrski sandwich and cucumber
  • Snack: 153 kcal: cream with vanilla and mango
  • Lunch: 456 calories: noodles with strips of vegetables
  • Snack: 156 calories: Tomato juice with Jerusalem artichokes
  • Dinner: 370 kcal: Lamb’s lettuce with mushrooms and figs

5 day diet plan – Third day

  • Breakfast: 378 kcal: Müsli with papaya, ginger and cinnamon
  • Snack: 153 kcal: grape salad with cinnamon yogurt
  • Lunch: 453 calories: Veal fillet with carrots and sauce
  • Snack: 160 kcal: toast with Corners cheese and peppers
  • Dinner: 369 kcal: Raw beans with red peppers

5 day diet plan – Fourth day

  • Breakfast: 372 kcal: Bread with cheese and tomatoes
  • Snack: 158 kcal: Buttermilk with Mango and Orange
  • Lunch: 453 calories: colorful salad with turkey skewers
  • Snack: 154 kcal: Exotic Fruit of grapefruit
  • Dinner: 381 calories: potato slices in a sauce of lime

5 day diet plan – Fifth day

  • Breakfast: 371 kcal: Thoughts from whey and flax seeds
  • Snack: 150 kcal: celery with apple cream
  • Lunch: 449 calories: Lamb fillet with broccoli and squash
  • Snack: 155 kcal: Rice waffle with grapefruit
  • Dinner: 379 kcal: Bread with vegetables